Mar 162013

Dee stared at the Captain.


Dee started to walk away and turned back, “I’ve had enough of your games, Captain!”


“Don’t call me that!” Dee’s eyes flared with anger.

“Why not?”

Dee ignored the hypnotic eyes.

” The last time we met, Dee, you agreed to have drinks with me.”

Dee lowered her voice, “The last time we met, you got formally engaged.”

“I left a note for you to phone Chuck at Graves,Da Nang.”

“Let me get this straight!  Your note told me to call an UNKNOWN person who works at a MORTUARY in Da Nang?”

Skip looked confused.   “I left an envelope with a note at the reception desk. The soldier said her would give it to a nurse who’d slip it under your door.”

“Well, I didn’t get the note, and I certainly don’t GET YOU!”

Skip chuckled, then seeing Dee’s stern face, looked serious.

“Sit down, Dee.  I’ll explain. If you’re not satisfied, you’ll never see me again?”

Dee sat.

“Move closer. This information is vital for all our survival.  We can’t play games. The consequences are too high.”

Dee sighed.  “Captain, get on with it, please

“Chuck works at Graves, Dang Nang.  He is Bob’s partner, and to keep us all safe, we invented a cover.  We are pretending that I’m engaged to Bob. That keeps three of us from scrutiny and if you and I can get together, you’ll be safe because I am engaged to a man. Isn’t it a clever plan, Dee?”

Bodies were embalmed and returned to USA

Dee looked at Skip’s engagement ring.

Skip spoke again, “Dee, if we are careful, we could have a lot of fun, particularly with a cover that the boys and I have created for ourselves.”

Suddenly, it made sense.  “Oh.” Dee muttered.

“Minoi, I’ve been thinking of you.  I have to admit that I was smitten the moment I saw those nylons under your fatigues.”

Dee laughed and she looked lovingly at Skip.

“Call me sweetheart again.”

“Minoi, Minoi.  A romantic army nurse!  What am I supposed to do with you, Minoi?”

“Captain, you have to come up with some ideas, or maybe working at high latitudes  has stifled  your imagination?”

“Army brat, you’ll change that opinion when I’m finished with you!”

“Finished?  I want to START!”

Dee  then noticed a Vietnamese solider approaching.

“Ssh. Let’s change the subject.” Dee whispered .

Skip turned around.

He saluted Skip. “Your chopper is ready for take off, Dao-uy.”

Skip spoke in Vietnamese and the soldier beamed.

“What did you say?”

“I wished him and his family a happy Tet.  It starts after midnight, remember?”

“I wish you were with me.” Dee sighed.

“Me too.”

“I’ll walk out with you,” suggested Dee.

A number of soldiers greeted Skip.

“You won’t get R & R for at least six months, but Saigon is so close that we could all meet for a weekend.  Phone Chuck at Graves.  Between you invent a background of how you meet previous to Vietnam.  Then, get him to fly out here on his day off.”

Dee spoke, “I want to clarify something, Skip.  I behaved like a fool at the dance. That will never happen again.”

“Do you have any idea of how much I want to touch you?” Skip said looking towards her chopper and then back at Dee.  “I’ll send my eagle spirit guide to protect you until we can truly be together.”

Dee felt her heart-throb and words seemed to get stuck in her throat.  She felt a surge of joy flood over her entire body.  All she could manage to say was, “Happy..Happy New Year, Skip.”

“At midnight, feel my lips kissing yours, minoi.”


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