Feb 022013

London Taxi




Meanwhile, inside a speeding taxi, Paola applied the finishing touches to her make up.

Paola ignored the conversations of a chatty driver.  Her heart was racing. She squeezed her thighs together to accelerate the pleasure of her throbbing vagina.  Paola relived the last time she was with Jazz.  They had rented a house-boat on the Thames.  She opened her purse and took out a photograph. Jazz was at the helm, baseball cap turned backwards.  She wore a white tank to and black shorts.  Her arms were strong from carpentry work.  Her body was trim, making her five foot six body look even taller. Paola was interrupted in her body-dreaming.  The driver was glancing in the rear view window and coughing deliberately.  Then his staring became clear.  Paula casually removed her hand from her breast.

Jazz sat at a vacant table, graciously turning down invitations to dance. It did not prevent her from subversive flirting with the odd wink and alluring Marlene Dietrich stare.

“Ah, there you are!”

Paola was dressed for seduction. Jazz looked up and flashed a sign of approval.

“Ravaging! Paola, you look good enough to eat!”

“Is the Alley-Cat hungry?”

Jazz let out a playful growl.  They locked eyes, the seduction was on!  Jazz indicated to the drink she had ordered for Paola.

“Let me thank you!”  Jazz felt the soft toe rub up and down her crotch. Both women sipped their drinks while their eyes did some undressing.  Nicely simmering, neither saw three women approach their table.  One woman held a guide to Gay and Lesbian Events in London. The tallest of the three spoke to Jazz.

“Could we get your autograph, please?”

Tina mumbled something in Portuguese.  It didn’t take a translator to repeat what was obviously a string of swear words and insults.One of the girls, aware of Paola’s anger, complimented the Brazilian on her outfit and beauty.

“Sign, then dance with me!’

Jazz produced some glossy publicity photos from inside her jacket.  She asked each woman for her name, signed her own, passed them out.  The women glanced at Jazz on the television set.  She wore overalls, workbooks, a plaid shirt and a tool belt.  The women gushed their appreciation.

“Now, can we dance?”

Jazz took her time sipping her drink.  She shot Paola a hard stare.

Paola eased her body against Jazz.

“Baby, you know I hate these public clubs.”

“You just don’t want to share me.”

Paola snorted.  “In private clubs, people know who I am!”

“I know you well.” Jazz said softly, bringing her free hand down Paola’s opened black blouse.”

Paola shivered with delight.

“Why do I get so mad?  You do this to me, Alley Cat!”

“There is a lot that I’d like to do to you, Paola.”

Paola responded by butterfly kissing Jazz’s neck and ear.  They moved sensuously together savoring the moment. Now and again, Paola would step back and let her deep dark eyes speak.  Foreplay like this only intensified the desire. Tucked intimately together, Jazz and Paola had left the state of simmer and were headed for boil.  They danced with their eyes closed.

“Excuse me!”  The voice was close by.

“Excuse me!”  The voice was louder and Jazz felt a tap on her shoulder.

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