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“Excuse me! ” The voice was louder and Jazz felt a tap on her shoulder.


Jazz and Paola closed their eyes to the same demonic voice. An intoxicated woman changed tactics, and this time, tapped Paola on the solder.  The Brazilian  fire-brand turned and with eyes glaring pointed her finger at the interloper.

“Vá embora mulher estúpida!  What I say is, ‘Go away stupid woman!”

The woman glared.

“I don’t understand?”

“I said, ‘Go away stupid, stupid woman!”

“What do you mean?”

Paola was livid.

“I’ll say it in French, Allez-vous femme stupide,  and,  here it is in Italian,Vattende donna stupida!”

The woman beckoned for  her friend over.  Jazz judged the advancing woman to be over six foot tall.

“She’s built like a shit house!”  Jazz whispered.

“No, shit!” Paola laughed.  “I can smell her from here.”

Jazz growled.  “Cool it, Paola. I bloody mean it!”  Jazz had no intention of harming hands that television cameras focused upon.

The towering woman was feet away.   Jazz stuck out her hand.

“I’m Jazz.  Can I buy you and your friend a drink?

The woman brightened.  Jazz felt her fingers being crunched in the handshake.  Paola backed away, but the woman bent down and kissed her cheek.  Paola was stunned.  Jazz signalled to the waiter and led the two intruders back to her table. Paola trailed muttering loudly in Portuguese.  The tall woman pulled back Paola’s chair and peered confidently down at the model’s breasts. Jazz caught Paola’s angry look and laughed.

The smaller of the two women began to talk.

“I’m Charlie, and I just wanted to tell you that I’m a carpenter, like you.”

Jazz shook her hand.  Charlie took a large gulp of beer and continued.  “Well, I ain’t got me a television show, but I’m getting lots of work.  That’s how I met Molly.”

The large woman extended her hand again to Jazz, who simply waved.

“I’m a florist,”glowed Molly.  “Me show needed a carpenter, and who you think turned up?”

Jazz and Paola waited.  Was it a question?

Molly laughed, “I asked you, who turned up?”

Paola chimed, “Bob the Builder and ‘could he fix it?’

Molly laughed again.  “I love that children’s show, but you’re wrong.  It was me mate, Charlie.  She did the job and I gave her a bunch of roses.”

Paola sighed, “How romantic!”  Then, standing, Paola excused herself.  Molly watched Paola’s swaying body until it disappeared out of sight.  Molly turned to Jazz, “I bet she’s good in the sack, all steam and fire.”

Charlie laughed.  “I’ll get Molly out of here before you put her lights out!”

Jazz rose immediately.  She took more publicity photos out.  Two happy women walked away.

Paola arrived just as Jazz called for the bill.

“Hi Jazz!” Stacey drooled over Jazz.

Jazz placed a sizeable pile of money on Stacey’s tray.

“I just love serving you, Jazz!”

“We leave right now!”  Paola waved at Charlie.

“Eu não iria contratá-lo!”

All the way to the door, Jazz could hear Paola mimicking Stacey, “I just love serving you Jazz,- Oh, I just love serving you Jazz!”

Paola walk through the open door held by Jazz.  Her model hips swayed, accentuating her tight bum, and her high heels added the finish touch.  Paola must have had the longest legs in the maternity ward!  Catching up to Paola, Jazz took her hand.

“What was your parting comment to Charlie?”

“I would not employ you!” Paola smiled mischievously. “Or something like that!”

They walked towards the Jaguar convertible.

End of Blog 6


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