Mar 222013


Less than an hour after Jazz ushered Fiona to the door to terminate the unscheduled meeting, the women were interrupted by the intercom.

“Call from Ms. Fiona.  Will you take it?”

“Yes., Margaret.” Ning answered immediately.



“I’m at the garage getting an oil change for the Bentley.  I was thinking of inviting you two to be part of a telly project.”

“What kind?”

“Ah, Jazz, I counted on you answering first.  It would be about the prison women that you train and hire.”

“What about them?” Jazz was sharp.

“Give them some publicity and extra money.”

“They’ve had all the publicity they need, court appearances, mug faces in the papers.”

“It would give publicity to your project, Jazz.”

“It would give publicity to your show, Fiona.”

“Touché   So, I take it that this is a NO, from BOTH of you?”

“Yes.” Ning added.  “I can see where Jazz is coming from.  We won’t allow the women to be exploited.”

Jazz beamed at Ning and gave her the thumbs up sign.

Ning spoke next.

“We’re still interested in your Bavaria flat project.”

There was a silence.

“Oh, the car’s ready.  I have to go.”

Ning rocked uncomfortably in her chair.

“Jazz, I think it’s better to discuss delicate matters in person and not over the phone.”

Jazz was adamant.

“If it had been a face-to-face conversation, Fiona would have seen me scowl and glare when she tried to exploit the women!”

“I can say the same things, Jazz, but in a more diplomatic way.”

“Give Fiona an inch and she’ll take a mile.  Diplomacy doesn’t work with that kind of woman!”  Then Jazz added, “She’ll growl at our rejection and pride will have her come back, with another idea that she’ll present as her idea, again.”

“I hope you’re right, Jazz.  Selfish as this may seem, I have my heart  and mind invested in this Asian project.”

images-5Jazz nodded, recognizing Ning’s desires.  “Don’t worry, Fiona’s used to taking a punch on the chin, but she never goes down!”

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