Mar 222013


Jazz rose to indicate the end of the meeting.  She looked defiantly into Fiona’s green eyes without blinking.  Fiona was playing a tough game, throwing dice and seeing how they would roll.images-32

“Ning and I never make hasty decisions.  Margaret will schedule an appointment for a further meeting.”

Fiona turned to Ning.

“Convince this creative carpenter to get on board.  Cost will not be an issue.”

Jazz had her hand on the door handle and opened it.

Fiona ignored Jazz and put an arm on Ning.

” And you, Ning, could get to explore an area of your expertise. Besides, the class of clientele that will come knocking, can only enhance your business.”

Jazz shook Fiona’s extended hand.

”Jazz, I hope you’ll reconsider.  Working with you could be such fun!”

Fiona smiled as she walked past Margaret.

“You’ll be seeing a lot of me, Margaret.”

Jazz turned to face of beaming Ning.  She refilled Ning’s cup and waited for Ning’s enthusiasm.  This would be a good excuse to work with the beautiful Fiona, the challenging Fiona and Ning could set it up while Jazz played the reluctantant partner.

Ning spoke, “She will bring classy clients, we can film the rennovations and decorating for our show, and I think, Jazz, you will enjoy the challenge of working with this woman!”

Jazz looked up surprised that Ning had her pegged so sharply.

“I wasn’t obvioius, was I?”

Ning grinned.

“No, you were playing a good hand!”

“Then, let’s play a poker hand  and keep her guessing Ning.  We play for  a ‘Royal Flush.’



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