Mar 182013



It was a bright Monday morning and it had been a great weekend for Jazz.  On Saturday night she dated Paola, the sexy Brazilian mode.   Sunday morning she worked out in a private gym and then spent the evening and most of the night baby sitting Qi for Ning and  Ching Lan.

Jazz steered her Jaguar into the factory compound.  This important meeting was designed to bring “If a Man Can Productions” into another area of construction and design.  Several school boards had come together to ask for design ideas for sensory rooms that could stimulate students diagnosed with exceptional challenges.  Rooms would be multi-sensory consisting of aroma, tactile, audio and visual stimulation.  The rooms would be semi constructed in the women’s factory and moved to various locations.

A trial model was set up in one of the factory floors.  Now, Jazz and Ning had to sell it to a group of school board officials and trustees.  The idea would fill a couple of  their  own television segments.  During “If a Man Can” Shows, they would ask for feed back to make models that could be shipped to parents for  children with brain damage, autism and developmental disabilities.

By midday the contract had been won and the entire factory closed for an extended liquid lunch at the local pub. A couple of hours later, Jazz was back at her drawing board, her jacket off and her sleeves rolled up.  She had chosen an Armani grey suit with a peach shirt to wow the school board officials.  Now, with the contract in hand, she started to prepare a couple of extra design

The phone rang.   Jazz shook her head.   She had asked Margaret not to disturb her. Concealing her annoyance, she picked up the phone.

“Yes, Margaret.”

“Sorry to disturb you, Jazz.  I’ve got Ms Somerset-Jones here.”

Jazz thought –The bold Boadicea just chariots her way into our lives.

Jazz responded.

“Tell Fiona Somerset-Jones that I am busy.  Ask her to make an appointment.”

The door opened.

Jazz glared at the intruder.

“I tried to make an appointment, honestly, Jazz.  I could never get through.”

Margaret stood behind Fiona, shaking her head and raising her hands to indicate she had nothing to do with this invasion.

Margaret stood helpless.

“Will I make tea or coffee?”

Fiona turned around.

“Coffee, black.  That would be lovely.”

Jazz glared at Fiona.

Fiona seemed unphased.

Jazz went on working.

“You sip your coffee.  I’m not taking a break.”

Fiona chuckled.

“England’s sexiest carpenter doesn’t take a break?”

Jazz adjusted her working lamp.

“Fiona, I don’t take kindly to people who barge their way into my office without the courtesy of making an appointment.”

Fiona grimaced.

“Don’t tell me you didn’t do a little barging and power-drilling to get where you are today?”

“No, I never did that!”

“Fair enough. Just give me five minutes.”

Jazz put down her pen and walked behind her desk.  Fiona admired the clean peach-shirt behind a grey waist-coat and matching pants.  Jazz was undeniably a very desirable woman especially when she exercised that strong will.

Margaret placed the tray on the large mahogany desk.  She poured coffee for Fiona.  Jazz refused on principle.  Instead, she gazed at the beautiful woman with golden copper hair that reached her shoulders. Boudicea had the same color hair in a portrait that Jazz had seen on the internet.images-2

Jazz, ever the womanizer, boldly looked over Fiona’s body.  She started with the full red lips, dangling long gold ear-rings and down her long neck until she stopped her glance at the woman’s breasts.  They were perked high and ample beneath an aquamarine short mini skirt that flattered Fiona’s long and shapely legs.

Fiona enjoyed the game.  Well aware of her beauty, she gazed back at Jazz and slowly sipped her coffee.  The game was on. Neither woman wanted to yield in the power game of eye domination.  The phone settled the seduction power play. Jazz took the mobile phone, glad for a moment to think  about what this woman wanted.  Luckily, Ning familar voice made Jazz feel more comfortable.

Ning asked,“Is it about decorating her apartment. There’s something I have to tell you.”


“She dropped off an envelope when you had left work.”


“I saw the mini dress, be careful.”

Jazz laughed.

Ning warned, “She has the venom of a cobra, and friends in high places.”

“No worries, it’s a piece of cake!”


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