Sep 112013

Megan Rap



Megan is a brilliant mid-fielder who has represented the U.S.A in international competition.  In 2013, she is living in France, and playing for the Lyon Women’s soccer league.  The money is good, Megan earns about 11,000 euros a month (that converts to $14,000 U.S).

Megan is a native of Palo Cedro, Californica, one of six children, but culture in France is entirely different.  Lyon is a historical city, known fot its festival of lights, remarkable architecture and French food. She struggles with high school French, but making an effort wins her friends.

Women who have played on the same team as Megan, credit her for creating plays that make them shine.  Listening to her French coach communicate in French and broken English is a challenge for Megan, but charts help and she knows the game well.  Her success in France is no different than that in the U.S.A, she scored three goals in nine matches (and she is not a forward!).

Lesbians were thrilled, when eight years ago, Megan came out as a Lesbian.   Her sister and twin, Rachel, is older by eleven minutes and is also gay.  France passed a gay marriage act, but according to Megan there still exists a homophobic atmosphere.  Megan hopes to return to the States and continue her relationship with her long time girlfriend, Sarah Walsh, a former member of the Australian women’s soccer team.  They met in 2009 and Sarah has applied for a green card to enable them to live together on the West Coast.


Sarah Walsh in
Aussie Colours

June 2013, will see Megan return to the States and hook up with the national team.  Ahead of them is the 2015 Women’s World Cup in Canada (Trish and I, will, however, be cheering for Canada).


Megan and Sarah,
Best of luck!

It will be a great match, if Canada’s Captain, Christine Sinclair plays against Megan.  Regardless of the outcome, the winners are two lesbian players, Megan and Christine.   Oh, and let’s add Sarah Walsh, she fits right into the picture of great women!

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