May 052013



Now, you could be a lesbian or lesbians on the island of Tahiti or own a home on another island.  There might be the chance that you, or you and your beloved, is mentally and physically over-saturated with: the aqua-marine ocean, soaring mountains, golden beaches and the continual waving palm trees and bronzed bikini-clad bodies of the never-ending-line of tourists.  I should add that a lesbian could never tire of the beauty of Polynesian women.


Oh, to be young and single again.
Just kidding, Trish!

If the above description applies to you or your mate, then how about a change of pace? Why not welcome two pasty-white Canadian lesbians who will enchant you with stories of polar bears, charging moose, frosted sled-dogs and life on a frozen Canadian lake in winter.   Well, the last part is true. (With regard to the beauty of Polynesian women, we’d love to sit on the beach with you and “Poly Watch” such beauty. Or if you are a Polynesian woman, then we are very lucky to be introduced to you and your culture).

We are two retired teachers (Paula and Trish) who do live on a lake that freezes in winter.  We are geographically too far from polar bears, and any moose that we have encountered has either stood still unperturbed while munching water plans,  or  has quietly walked away.  There are sled-dog races in our Ontario province but none have yet raced down our quiet country road.


We love to travel.  We have been fortunate to explore much of Europe,  Australia, New Zealand and parts of Asia.   We have yet to visit the incredibly beautiful South Pacific islands.

We will be travelling and camping in New Zealand sometime after November, 2013 and would like to obtain a Pacific Air Pass to visit South Pacific islands.  If you are a lesbian or lesbian couple, we would love to meet you for a meal or a coffee on your island.  After all, “we are everywhere.”

Paula and Trish

(with fingers-crossed)

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