Mar 082015

Rainbow_Flag_PrideA lesbian couple had every right to fly the rainbow flag in their backyard.  They live in Nebraska where homophobes had blocked same-sex marriage until today (March 2, 2015) when it was overturned! Hurray!  The Rainbow flag speaks to our lives.  Under incredible discrimination and jail terms, brave individuals live and die under its colours.  It is the same for married lesbians Ariann Anderson and Jess Meadows-Anderson.  Their straight neighbours and co-workers enjoy all the privileges and protections that come with being married.  Since they are being marginalized in their own state (Nebraska) then they have a right to fight back.

 Next door Neighbour 

Next door to Ariann and Jess is a 23-year-old-man named Cameron Mayfield.  Whatever were his intentions, other than bigotry and homophobia he was arrested by police in an intoxicated state.  He had stolen the lesbian couple’s rainbow flag and set it on fire.  This senseless action took place in Omaha, Nebraska.  Ariann and Jess are not willing to say that Cameron’s actions were a harmless prank or mischief done under the state of intoxication.  They state that it went “beyond vandalism or a threat and consider it a direct attack.”  It epitomizes hatred and burning a flag is always an insult to the country or people it represents.

Homophobia Raising its Ugly Head

You almost feel bad for a minute,’ Meadows-Anderson told the media  ‘He’s a young man and he made a hate-filled, drunken mistake that will have a lasting effect on his life and his family.’ Later that day, a new, bigger, brighter Pride flag was flying on their front porch. Mayfield is facing a 2nd degree felony arson charge and a separate charge for resisting arrest.

 Just a Comment
I’m an ex-Girl Guide/Scout and we were given instructions about flag protocol.  In this story, I hope that the American flag was flown – either above the rainbow flag – or higher than the rainbow flag.   In Canada, I hate to see isolated flags from other countries flying alone.  Even if it is a world cup event – make sure to have your own country’s flag flying as well as the country that you support (maybe as a result of your heritage).  paula.



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