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Ninety-three nations in the world still legally punish homosexuality. In 7 of these – Iran, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, United Arab Emirates, Sudan, Nigeria, Mauritania – gays and lesbians are punished with the death penalty.
The seven Muslim countries mentioned base the death penalty for gays and lesbians on the Koran.  Drawing from the tale of Lot at Sodom in the Old Testament, the Koran states:
“And if two (men) of you commit it, then hurt them both; but if they turn again and amend, leave them alone, verily, God is easily turned, compassionate.”
Yet, there are verses in the Koran (Chapter called “Man” that is hard to comprehend.  The rewards for a good Muslim man in Paradise are as follows:

  •  “They shall be attended by boys graced with eternal youth, who to the beholder’s eyes will be like sprinkled pearls.”
  • In the chapter “The Mountain,” Muslim men are promised “And there shall wait on
  • them young boys of their own fair as virgin pearls.”


Is there evidence that homosexuals and lesbians are executed for their sexual orientation? The Boroumand Foundation states that at least 107 recorded executions in Iran are related to homosexuality between 1979.

Death by Hanging:

  1. According to The Boroumand Foundation, there were at least 107 recorded executions in Iran related to homosexuality between 1979 and 1990.  In 1905 two gay teenagers were hung and their pictures were distributed across the web.
    The Uganda newspaper called “Rolling Stone” published the names, photos and addresses of 100 homosexuals.  The writers called for them to be hanged or killed on demand.  The front page headline read:  “Hang Them.”
  2. In May 2008, at the height of persecution in Senegal when gays were being rounded up by policemen, beaten and tortured, many people fled to neighboring countries for safety. However, those who sought freedom in Gambia, the south of Senegal, ran straight into a living nightmare. Instead of offering solace, Gambian President Yahya Jammeh promised “stricter laws than Iran” on homosexuality. He held a political rally telling homosexuals to leave his country within 24 hours or their heads would be cut off.
  3. Stoning

    Lesbians in Sudan and Nigeria are buried up to their neck in the ground and stoned.

  4. Imprisonment

    Afghanistan has the death penalty for homosexual behaviour or imprisonment of up to 15 years.

    Saudi Arabia stones people who engage in extramarital sexual activity.  In April 2000, over one hundred men were sentenced to lashings and imprisonment for attending a same-sex party.Saudi Arabia instills a similar form of punishment for homosexuality and cross dressing. The two have long been deemed as immoral acts by the Saudi judicial board, who advised Muslim judges in 1928 to treat “Liwat” (or sodomy, and in this case gay sex) the same way as fornication (premarital sex).If caught engaging in extramarital sexual activity while being married, one must be stoned to death, which means that if most American celebrities lived in that Saudi government, they would have been stoned (and not the kind of stoned they are right now). If someone is not married and is caught in extramarital affairs, one must be whipped and banished for a year. That’s right, they still “banish” people for small offense like that somewhere in the world.In April 2000 the Saudi government sentenced over 100 men to time in prison and lashings for simply attending a same-sex wedding ceremony or birthday party. I take this to mean that only men attended.


Iran punishes lesbians caught in the sex act to 100 lashes.  If found guilty a third time, lesbians face the death penalty.

  1. The punishment for female homosexuality is 100 lashes.This can be performed a total number of three times before the woman is subjected to the death penalty.

In conclusion, we send our love and support to our gay brothers and lesbian sisters in these countries.  Let us never take our freedom for granted.  Our one peaceful weapon is technology…many violent acts are recorded and reach the web.


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