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imagesWhat do you do if you know that you are a lesbian in Pakistan?

A city is your only hope for freedom and a chance to find a woman to love.  Cities also allow women to wear blue jeans and cut their hair short.  Universities are places to challenge society in dress and speech.  By nature, many university students are non-conformists and are interested in western democracies with freedom of lifestyles.  However, if a lesbian gest caught in any homosexual act, Pakistani law can imprison a lesbian for life. Most gays and lesbians worst fears are family and neighbours who may decide to murder homosexuals in honour killings.images-1

    In an Islamic country, there are few role models for lesbians to follow.  The internet becomes a      source of information and hope. If a Pakistani lesbian does find a woman to love, they can walk down the streets holding hands, as this is a custom regarded as ‘sisterly love.’  The main problem occurs when a lesbian reaches the age of marriage which is the fabric of Pakistani society.  Some lesbians buckle under pressure and marry men.  There is also the struggle to love oneself in a society that considers homosexuality unnatural and a disease.  Islam considers homosexuality a sin.

If a Pakistani lesbian does manage to find someone to love, many people may just overlook the two of them living together.  It is a society that feels that women don’t have sexual needs or desires.   That kind of woman works in a brothel!

Lesbian dating occurs on the internet and another way to date is to be part of a circle of lesbians.  Professional women stand a better chance of being lesbians and marriages of convenience do occur where lesbians ‘marry’ homosexual men.  Money and power are two modes of protection, allowing travel outside of the country.


It is a hard life for Pakistani lesbians and others that live in countries where ‘love dare not raise its name.’  However, love is an incredible force and when combined with initiatives can lead to a happy life.  We wish all the brave lesbians in this situation, every happiness and love.

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  1. thnkx so much for this post. I am not Pakistani but Indian, and for lesbians both countries attitude is almost the similar.
    My prayers and best wishes for my fellow sisters in Pakistan and other orthodox Asian countries.

    • Hello Velvet:
      It is so wonderful to hear from a sister lesbian in India. My partner and I enjoyed three days travel: Delhi to Taj to Jaipur and met wonderful people.
      I really appreciate feedback because I want to be authentic in my blogging. If you wish to add any more information, please contact me again.
      Best wishes, Paula

    • Hello Velvet:
      I am rushing out the door and I thought that I had replied to you before. Thank you so much for writing to me. I spent three lovely days in India – Delhi, Taj Mahal and Jaipur. Please write again, or if you like be a guest to write about lesbians in India. You can email me
      Thank you and best wishes and prayers back to you and all our lesbian sisters.

  2. place in browser at top of computer.
    Hope that helps. paula

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  4. Thank you for commenting.

  5. hello,
    I m from Pakistan and I know it a very big problem here. there is no life for lesbian and gays. I wish everyone all the best for their love .

    • My dear friend Mairaj:
      I realize that it is so hard to be a lesbian, gay man or trans gender person in Pakistan. It takes courage and a little bit of careful planning in order to gain the love of your own sex. The world is watching and those of us who are part of the LGBTI community are weeping! But tears are of no use except to show solidarity and sympathy. We have got to keep blogging on the internet and keep commenting when homophobic comments are made. We cannot just lie down and have people step on our human heads. But, we have to be careful because some homophobes are dangerous. I wrote to a lesbian in an African country who had a similar story.
      I gave her the contact group of a LGBTI community. She told me that now she has friends. I wish this for you.
      Take care – take heart – be strong – find love. paula

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