Jun 032013

Do You Live Here?


Is this your island home?


In which country is your home?

Dear Friends:

Today, in Canada, it is Sunday morning, and the date is June 02, 2013.   My site started (with fingers crossed) in January, 2013.I believed that I could reach new friends across the world, if my heart was filled with love, and I tried to tell the history of lesbians in the past and in the present with dignity and celebration!   I have been rewarded because  YOU (and I don’t know your name) have visited .  Look at the countries and you are included.  I THANK YOU, so much.  I have such joy when a NEW country appears.  There may be a sister lesbian living on a small island in the Pacific, or high up in a mountaineous region, or in large city, small village, or maybe on a luxurious yatch (LOL) sailing around the world.

The internet can link the world together.There is much sadness and violence (and particularly to our lesbian sisters).  But, there is much HAPPINESS and celebration.  Fourteen  countries now have legalized same-sex marriage.  There are agencies making sure that the hatre organizations are monitored.  And, all lesbian sisters are sending their power, prayers, good wishes to YOU.

You make me so proud.   I do not know your name.  I ask questions:  What colour is your hair, eyes, skin colour.?  What language do you speak?  Where do you live?   Are you happy, sad, fearful, courageous, or just existing day to day?   What is your history (herstory)?  Is the future bright, happy, or sad and unsure?    But, I DO KNOW YOU.    You are my sister.  On this site, we are all sisters (and if you are a loving man, then you are our brother.

May you feel love….may you love….  Peace, happiness, joy and victory.      All my love, paula.  We are EVERYWHERE! Yeah!

Country June 2, 2013Viewers to our site. Views
United States FlagUnited States 1,127
Canada FlagCanada 568
United Kingdom FlagUnited Kingdom 193
Australia FlagAustralia 126
Ireland FlagIreland 79
Malaysia FlagMalaysia 53
Switzerland FlagSwitzerland 52
Singapore FlagSingapore 40
Indonesia FlagIndonesia 33
Denmark FlagDenmark 30
Germany FlagGermany 29
Philippines FlagPhilippines 22
Netherlands FlagNetherlands 19
France FlagFrance 14
South Africa FlagSouth Africa 14
India FlagIndia 13
Ukraine FlagUkraine 13
Israel FlagIsrael 12
Japan FlagJapan 12
Sweden FlagSweden 10
Turkey FlagTurkey 9
Spain FlagSpain 9
New Zealand FlagNew Zealand 8
Thailand FlagThailand 8
Brazil FlagBrazil 7
Mexico FlagMexico 7
Czech Republic FlagCzech Republic 6
Kenya FlagKenya 5
Uganda FlagUganda 4
Russian Federation FlagRussian Federation 4
Ghana FlagGhana 4
Taiwan, Province of China FlagTaiwan 4
Austria FlagAustria 4
Pakistan FlagPakistan 4
Poland FlagPoland 4
Iceland FlagIceland 4
Papua New Guinea FlagPapua New Guinea 3
Nigeria FlagNigeria 3
Malta FlagMalta 3
Italy FlagItaly 3
Slovenia FlagSlovenia 3
Belgium FlagBelgium 2
Norway FlagNorway 2
Finland FlagFinland 2
Egypt FlagEgypt 2
Albania FlagAlbania 2
Romania FlagRomania 2
Kazakhstan FlagKazakhstan 1
Argentina FlagArgentina 1
Croatia FlagCroatia 1
United Arab Emirates FlagUnited Arab Emirates 1
Colombia FlagColombia 1
Latvia FlagLatvia 1
Tanzania, United Republic of FlagUnited Republic of Tanzania 1
Trinidad and Tobago FlagTrinidad and Tobago 1
Northern Mariana Islands FlagNorthern Mariana Islands 1
New Caledonia FlagNew Caledonia 1
Saudi Arabia FlagSaudi Arabia 1
Qatar FlagQatar 1

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