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Unknown-2Imagine the grief of losing your partner of twenty years and then to face the insult, hurt and aggravation of a Christian minister refusing to bury her.  Throwing aside fundamental statements of Jesus such as “love one another” and “do not judge,” the Lutheran Danish minister decided that since he did not approve of gay marriage, this refusal to not bury a lesbian, was consistent with his disapproval of the gay life style.

The daughter of the 74 year old diseased lesbian had no expect to receive such treatment from the minister, after all, her mother and her 80 year old partner had been in a registered Danish partnership for the last twenty years.Unknown-3

When the news of this disgusting decision reached the media and the minister’s bishop, he came forth to report that this had been the biggest mistake of his clerical career.

Denmark is ready to legalize same sex marriage in June, 2013. iberian-snail Danes are considered to be the happiest people in Europe and by and large very tolerant.  Yet, a former church minister and government political minister, Birthe Ronn Hornbech, used the Spanish slug as an analogy or symbol of the disaster of same sex marriage.  The slug is an hermaphrodite and is a serious infestation.

She said, “apart from the killer slug and a few other species, the world consists of males and females – and that is why the world still exists.”

It should be noted that Hornbech was fired from her job as a minister in charge of granting Danish citizenship.  It was discovered in 2010, that certain Palestinians had been illegally denied Danish citizenship with her knowledge.

But, let’s end on a great positive note – We are just a month away from Denmark becoming the next country to legalize same sex marriage.  CHEERS DENMARK!images-10

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