Jun 292016
Well, done, Patty. Blast that insensitive political hack!

Well, done, Patty. Blast that insensitive political hack known as Rubio.  He is a homophobe!

Patty Sheehan, the openly lesbian city commissioner of Orlando, Florida, is blasting the Republican party for fomenting anti-LGBT hatred, hatred which fueled the mass shooting at the gay nightclub, Pulse, on June 12.

Sheehan spoke with Michelangelo Signorile about the massacre saying she was upset that many Republicans had failed to mention that the attack specifically targeted the LGBT community. She also went after Florida Republicans for their failure of leadership in the wake of the shooting.

Sheehan Spoke with Michelangelo Signorine from Huffington Post.  Here is some of the interview.

“Marco Rubio, the senator from Florida, walked on our blood-stained streets with people from the Hispanic community,” Sheehan observed of Rubio, who has been a vocal opponent of LGBT rights and even promised if elected president to try to overturn the Supreme Court’s historic marriage equality ruling. “And he went right back to Washington – one of the few times he actually showed up for work – and voted against sensible gun legislation.”

‘If this doesn’t change your heart?” she continued, not needing to finish the rhetorical question. “There were people from [Rubio’s] office – it was [a staffer’s] hair stylist who got shot and killed. This was a personal connection people from his office had with these young people. And he still couldn’t find it in his heart to do the right thing.”

Sheehan added of Florida’s anti-gay Governor Rick Scott, “My governor couldn’t say the word ‘gay’ — until he was called out on it.” Of all Republicans, Sheehan told Signorile, “…I’ve called a lot of them out on it. I said, ‘How dare you come here to my city – our city – and stand in front of the microphone and take up space….You loaded those bullets with hatred, as far as I’m concerned.'”

Again, well done, Patty.


Paula again:

P.S.  I would like to add that recently I read of a Muslim doctor who was on duty in Orlando the night of the massacre.  Let us never forget that Muslims are valued persons in society.

Dr. Joey

Dr. Joey

Dr. Joseph “Joey” Ibrahim was making his rounds at Orlando Regional Medical Center this week, checking the dozen remaining victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting and bracing for more fallout, for more talk in the media about Muslims extremists.

Ibrahim’s father was a Muslim immigrant, just like the father of shooter Omar Mateen. Ibrahim isn’t Muslim, but people assume he is. Some strangers also might guess he speaks with an accent. And he does — the soft lilt of small town Tennessee.

“People need to learn acceptance,” said Ibrahim, 39. “Once people talk to me they realize this guy’s not a threat, he’s a hillbilly.”

Called to the hospital after the shooting June 12, Ibrahim hoped the attacker wouldn’t share his name because of what people would assume: that they were related, both radical threats.

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