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  • Brooke (left) and Laura

    Brooke (left) and Laura

    Laura Ricketts *  Family fortune: $1.2 billion -Co-owner, Chicago Cubs

  • Age: 44  mother
  • Fiancée Brooke Skinner with whom she is raising kids.
  • Quote from Laura
  • “Being a woman and being gay is really a unique position in our society. I know in my experience of activism, oftentimes it makes a difference if something is women-focused.”
  • Laura is one of four children raised in a Nebraska conservative Catholic family.  Her brother is currently Governor of Nebraska. Their father became wealthy through hard work and insisted that none of his children join the company until they were 30 years of age.
  • Laura became a corporate lawyer receiving her Juris Doctor from the University of Michigan Law School in 1998.

Politics of Ricketts Family

Laura’s dad, Joe made his millions in TD Ameritrade and is the patriarch of the Ricketts family. They bought the Chicago Cubs for$845 million (95% interest) and 20% of Comcast SportsNet Chicago in 2009.  Joe’s son manages the team.

Patriarch Joe is a Republican and works to defeat President Obama.  Laura is a Democrat who worked to re-elect the President some years ago. She is one of 27 high-profile gay and lesbians to raise funds for the Democratic party.

Homosexuality and the Ricketts Family:

Laura is on record of praising her family for accepting her as a lesbian.  She lives with her partner, Laura Skinner, and children in Chicago.

Laura told the Chicago Tribune in 2010  that after George W. Bush’s election in 2004, she knew she needed to fight for equal rights: “People were talking about trying to change the Constitution to discriminate against me. I just felt like I had to get more involved.”

Since then, she’s been outspoken in the need to pursue marriage equality nationwide. In fact, when she introduced the President at a Washington, D.C. fundraiser in February, she said, the event was being held “to show the president that the LGBT community stands strongly behind his re-election.

The first openly lesbian owner of a major sports franchise is making it her mission to make sure gay women have a seat at the table. The lawyer and mother was, until recently, a board member at Lambda Legal, the group responsible for filing the initial suit that resulted in Iowa’s same-sex marriage win. Already one of President Obama’s ‘bundlers’, or super-fundraisers, Ricketts took her political advocacy a step further founding LPAC, the first lesbian super PAC, in July to funnel money towards pro-women, pro-gay candidates. She also donates her money to charitable organizations including Housing Opportunities for Women and the Chicago-based Howard Brown Health Center, which provides health care for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people.

Sorry – Laura and Brooke, but I’m a Toronto Blue Jays supporter.

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