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The site stories4hotbloodedlesbians.com is basically in two sections:  

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This is a new site dedicated to women,  for women and about women.   I would like you to call it “HOME.”

Here is a brief look at the five books:

Book 1- Jazz, Televised Carpenter – London, England.

Jazz again

Jazz (Jasmine) is a daughter of an Indian Immigrant.  When we meet Jazz, she is a television personality, famous for her carpentry show, “If a Man Can.” She is rich, talented and a womanizer who lives the high life in London, England.





Book 2- Lieutenant Dee – Vietnam, 1968


My Vietnam Heroine – Lt. Dee.

In 2012, there were 214,098 women serving in the U.S.A military.  Back in 1968, when I place Lieutenant Dee in Vietnam, there were no statistics available for women serving.  The top brass didn’t think it necessary.  There were no female soldiers.  What the military needed were nurses.  At twenty-three years of age, Lt. Dee will travel for nearly 24 hours in full officer’s uniform.  While the men wore comfortable fatigues for the flight, Dee wears nylons, high heels and a suit.

Book 3 – Jo of the Outback.

I have been fortunate to have travelled around Australia on several occasions.  Like my characters, my married partner and I fell in love with Australians and their land.

horseback Oz While the Outback can be harsh and have extreme temperatures, it is also teeming with wildlife: kangaroos, emus, snakes, parrots, budgies, and nocturnal life that is incredible.  Jo works in a man’s world on an isolated cattle station.  Destiny will bring her to the Michigan Womyn’s Festival.




Book 4- Rhea and Hilary – Dublin, Ireland.

Travel to Ireland and meet Rhea, a comedian, writer, rebel and party animal.

irish red head

Rhea is on a crusade to fight for homosexual rights using her comedy to take on the bullying tactics of the Catholic Church and a ‘fence sitting’ Irish Government.

If opposites attract, then Rhea has found the perfect lover in Hilary, Professor of Law, and  a quiet-living Buddhist.     “Hilary, We’ve been fighting English domination for centuries, now, I’m fighting to keep the Pope out of our bedroom!”


Book 5:  Spunky Sue – Retirement Home, South Carolina


It’s just before dawn and “Spunky” Sue is belting out “When the Saints Go Marching In”, a negro spiritual song.  Of course, Spunky has changed the words to  “Oh, when those Lesbians Go Marching In…”  Naturally, the other residents take the bait and yell out biblical warnings of her eternal damnation.  The threats mean little;  Spunky has already survived the wrath of the KKK.  All she wants now is a lesbian lover, and a chance to attend the Michigan Womyn’s Festival.



About myself.


I am Canadian and live with my married partner in a small town.  (Canada approved of Gay Marriages in 2005).  My two passions are writing and travelling.   My partner is a fine photographer and we both enjoy being in nature.  Our happiest moments are camping in the Great Outdoors.   We are pet-less at the moment, something we hope to rectify when our travelling days are shortened.  There is a wooden sign above one of our doors proclaiming,  “Life is Good.”

Again, it is my hope that women will find their way to this site and call it home.  In particular, lesbian women who live in homophobic societies are welcomed.  We feel your pain.   We stand in solidarity for your rights.

Sincerely in sister-hood,


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