Sep 302017

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Labrys: Amazon Womyn are going to rise again

Hi paula key here.

I am entering my fourth year of daily blogging.  It keeps me out of mischief – LOL.   Over the years, the research has educated me and this was my goal when I decided to have website for all women.  Thanks to you, and others like you, my site is nearing 390,000 visitors.  This was way beyond my wildest imagination when I started.

I also write lesbian fiction ebooks.  They can be found on Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble and Apple.   I am sure you know that you do not need a kindle to read ebooks.  You can download them to a variety of media devices (computer, laptop, iPhone, etc).

These books are set in Australia, Vietnam/USA and England.  They have a central theme – lesbians in different parts of the world travelling to the Michigan Women’s Festival.  (This festival closed in 2016 after 40 years).

I chose characters to represent an interesting world:

Jo is a mustering and ‘Jack-of-all trades on an isolated Australian cattle far.

Lt. Dee: is a young army nurse in the Vietnam War

Jazz is a television carpenter with an appetite for women.

I wrote these books to outline various themes:  Jo: The Australian Aboriginal Dream Time

                                                                                      Jazz:   Lesbian Women of Paris

Lt. Dee: Love in a War Zone

Sample chapters can be obtained on Amazon.  Thank you.  paula


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