Dec 292015

The kids will be one year old this Christmas, 2015.


Liz and Nadia Harris have received the greatest five gifts any parents could put on their family wish list.  New Orleans is a wonderful city and I know family and friends of Liz and Nadia were raising champagne glasses or whatever they drink.

The couple, married for four-and-a-half years, are now the parents of quintuplets – four boys named Michael, David, Maxwell and Joseph and a girl named Elizabeth.

‘I think our gifts are the five babies,’ Liz Harris told reporters.

Nadia Harris had been trying to get pregnant for years but nine artificial insemination procedures had not resulted in a pregnancy.  Then on the 10th attempt, she was told by a nurse: ‘You’re very pregnant.’

‘I was numb,’ she admits. ‘I wasn’t happy I’ll be honest.’   But once she processed the news, her fear gave way to joy.

‘It’s a blessing from God. How could we be anything but overjoyed?’

Dr. Stacey Holeman, who delivered the babies, said it was ‘definitely the greatest day of my career.’ In this family headed by two moms, Nadia will be known as Mama while Liz will be called Mommy.

As lesbians we need all the good news that is going around.  Well done,  Liz and Nadia.  Every happiness.  paula

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