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Unknown-2On Reddit, a user named “I Like Unicorns” posted her thoughts and actions prior to Slovenia putting gay marriage to a public referendum.  The Slovenian parliament was pro-gay marriage, but homophobic groups like “Children at Stake” (backed by the Catholic Church) were against it.

“I Like Unicorns” stated on Reddit that her family and extended family were “hardcore Christians” who were likely to vote No.   She was desperate, not only because of her own sexual orientation, but for the LGBTI movement in her country.

‘I just had to say something, so I sent an email,’ she said.

‘I know my dad and sister will be cool with this. But I’ve learned the hard way what my mother’s side of the family thinks of homosexuals. I’m not sure if this was the right thing for me to do, but I told them I won’t be coming home anymore (I live abroad and come home once a year) if they vote against it, because they will be taking away my future family life or won’t support it.

‘I’m not sure how I feel though, it was an impulse angry decision, but I think I did the right thing… I think.. So far, no reply.’

She said she issued an ultimatum because she didn’t want to be in a situation where she didn’t feel accepted.

But then 24 hours later, she found out it went a lot better than expected.

‘Got support from my mom (HA!!!!), dad, sister and one cousin. My extended family (which we do see on regular basis) unfortunately doesn’t share this view, but hey, this’s all I need really

The Majority Cannot Take Basic Rights From the Minority

There should never be a referendum where the majority can oppress the minority on issues of human rights.  This is what happened in Slovenia and its shameful.   If you are indeed a ‘hardcore Christian’ then don’t stop gays and lesbians from marrying.   Keep your religious views to yourself.   Study after study has proven that there are NO detrimental influences to children being raised by same-sex parents.  Religion shouldn’t be a license for ignorance and injustice.  paula.

People Respond on Reddit.

‘You did do the right thing. More people like them need to know that voting against gay marriage affects people just like you, like someone they know and love,’ one said. I hope this makes your mom think hard about the issue and reflect. Best wishes!’

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