Jan 292017

Cameron Esposito – Comedian and her comedian wife, Rhea Butcher, are not in a laughing mood.  Both women joined the 500,000 who marched on Washington.  What is perplexing to this team and all LGBT persons is that the


Did you know that the LGBT Rights Page has vanished from the White House website immediately after the new Administration took oath?

Cameron Esposito comments:


Cameron (left) and Rhea

“They’re acting as if we don’t exist,” she said. “Tomorrow I march because I am a woman, and in solidarity with the whole LGBT community and anyone who feels marginalised.”

The comedian, who often appears on Funny or Die with her wife Rhea Butcher, went on to call out Trump’s recent marginalising behaviour of American citizens.

“Donald Trump is so great at singling out groups of Americans to target. There are so many of us, and what’s important to point out is that there is an intersection among these groups.

“There are members of the LGBT community who are also immigrants, and those people are doubly at risk,” she said.

“We’ve been getting this message from Trump throughout the campaign that this is about the parts of America that have been forgotten.

“Well, I tour for a living, I’ve been on the ground in those parts and I can tell you there are LGBT people there too, and there are immigrants in those parts.”

Cameron and her wife Rhea marched with half a million other women, men and younger people (teens and kids)

“I don’t know Donald Trump personally but it seems pretty obvious he has built a wall of ignorance around himself so I don’t really expect to penetrate that,” she said.

“I march for all of my communities. I think we deserve solidarity, I think we deserve the feeling of a day free from fear in order to continue to do the work that has to be done. To take action, we need to feel powerful.”



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