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Unknown-3This is a dialogue I had with my gay (brother or sister) called Truth.  We wrote back and forth on Pinknews.  images-10


Unknown“Truth “is an avowed atheist.

I find nothing wrong with that – I am not in the business of trying to convince atheists that a God exists.  However, Truth “got under my skin.”  The real issue, as I see it, is the ability to disagree and still dialogue.  I have no time or patience for ‘bullies’ whether they are gay or straight (or any other variations).  By “bullies” I mean anyone that ‘puts down another’s beliefs’ by insults.  I may find right-wing Evangelicals disgusting, but I dialogue using the Bible.  There are no winners – but at least there is dialogue.  Here are comments that Truth and I sent to one another.   You obviously will form your own opinion – and that’s healthy.   paula.

Some of  Truth’s statements:

imagesStatement A.

(an atheist)A gay christian ….? Huh? That’s like a Jewish Nazi. Why on earth would you patronise an organisation which hates you? You should try to find a less self-loathing hobby …

Statement B.

Truth •   Just another self-loathing nutter  (reference to a homophobic priest)who claims to speak or a non-existent sky fairy. I wish these people would go meet their ‘maker’ …. soon. 

UnknownStatement C

Truth:. I don’t believe ‘belief’ is stupid. Just self-delusional. Self-delusion is a mental illness. Ergo – ‘belief’ is a mental illness. My life is in the here and now. Why agonise over what may or may not be? Does that bring you some ‘comfort’ because you’re terrified of death …? Worrying about death is a waste of life.

Paula’s Response No. 1

paula: Definition:  A gay Christian – is a follower of Jesus Christ and the person happens to be gay. Jesus never mentions homosexuality and since his life was about tolerance and acceptance and non-judging, many gays/lesbians follow him. Your analogy of a Jew being a Nazi, just doesn’t make sense.


Truth responds to paula.

My analogy doesn’t make sense …? OK. Let me explain. Religions (generally) despise homosexuals. Religions feel that way because homosexuals (and other non-procreative sexual practices) do not (generally) produce offspring. Religions like to be more powerful than their rivals. So, they need lTruth: ots and lots of cannon-fodder. Thus, any gay person who supports an outfit (like the C of E) which despises them and opposes their equality must be a weird self-loather … just like a Jew who desires to support the Nazi Party. Hope that’s clearer.


  • This represent all religions that believe in a loving and caring Creator and friend - sometimes called God

    This represent all religions that believe in a loving and caring Creator and friend – sometimes called God

    paula responds:

  • . Let me start by stating I am a lesbian – and I was born in Ireland – and as a child I saw the notice on a rental sign “No Irish.” I have hidden in the closet while I worked for a “Catholic system as a teacher.” So, I know racism and I have suffered under Catholicism. I left the Catholic Church.

However, I did not “throw out the baby with the bath water.”

images-2I am a believer in God – Buddhist state that this Supreme Being cannot be described. This is what I believe.

  1. Having been put down and dehumanized (as from these sentences), I really have a hard time being put down by you – a member of my homosexual family. My belief is NOT in a church but in God.

images-82A. NOT ALL churches and places of worship are hateful of gays; those that are – are probably racist as well. I fight them on my blog http://stories4hotbloodedlesbi… and with comments whenever they raise their ugly heads!

  1. I find it insulting when someone’s opinion put another person down. There is NO room for future dialogue. By your attitude and insults – you only distance yourself from others.
  2. Whether you believe in a deity or not – is only important to YOU!

  3. I have never tried to impose my belief on you. There are many homosexuals that belief in a GOD
  4. There are many reasons why right-wing Evangelicals hate us – not just the off spring issue – but mostly based on 3,500 year old texts (Leviticus) and the misinterpretation of Paul (who wrote about Temple Prostitution – which he stated was again human nature). Right wing butters interpret it as homosexuals going against nature.
  5. I am sure that you, as an atheist, have thought out all the reasons why you deny a deity. This I respect. What you have to realize that I (and others) believe in a God. This is where you have to show respect to us. (Remember, like you – I know of the persecution of homosexuals by evangelicals.

However, there are decent religions that follow their Jesus and feed the poor, educate in developing counties, have gay family members and do not judge others. This is what you are doing “judging others.”

  1. Santa Claus and Sky Fairies NOT good analogies to be used against humans that believe in a diety.
  2. Santa Claus brought us many years of happiness – when we realized he didn’t exist – we were not traumatized – we realized that our parents were “Santa Claus” and they loved us. There was a real Santa Claus – St. Nicholas. He was a European prince who gave gifts to the poor.  I believer in the right for all humans to believe in a God/Supreme Being.  The religions of this world can be troublesome.  For others, it is a sense of deep held belief in a deity. (This is often atheist’s insults – your deity is equivalent to Santa Claus or the sky fairy)
  3. To Truth: By all means stay and believe in Atheism – but don’t judge and criticize and put down others. As gay persons, we all know the impact of negative put downs – it just divides us as individuals and it divides our gay community.   paula key  http://stories4hotbloodedlesbians.com

  2 Responses to “Lesbian Christian Replies to Gay Atheist”

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