Aug 052013

All zodiac signs have their bright and dark sides…..I am Leo, the Lion!

images-11Dark Side:  pompous and patronizing – bossy and infering – dogmatic and intolerant

But on the bright side – on the paula key side, we are charming! (especially on our birthdays).

Generous and warmhearted
Creative and enthusiastic
Broad-minded and expansive
Faithful and loving


 Since today, August 5th,  is my birthday, I am only going to dwell on the good.  I do inherit some Leo traits.  I am enthusiastic, positive and cheery most of the time.  And people say that I have a good sense of humour. (You need it to exist in this world)!

I think I have the genuine Leo sense of loyalty and friendship.  I try not to be conceite., To be honest, I do like a little praise.  I try not to hog the limelight which Leos are accused of doing, but I do love an audience.  As I’ve got older, I am more aware that others need to bask in the limelight, so I try hard to make everyone feel comfortable around me.  I like to play and have fun, but my jokes are never mean or hurtful. In fact, I’ll challenge the bully and mean people.

They say that a Leo is basically an open person – “what you see is what you get.”  I think that’s true about me.  Leo is a fire sign and I’ve always been a warm hugger and emotional in my writings and talk.  The sun is important to me as my Leo symbol and I can put up with the cold snows of a Canadian winter, if I have sunshine and brightness around me.  I am a morning person, delighting in the sun breaking over the horizon to flood the world with colours.  I am a romantic at heart, always believing that love triumphs over all.

My wife, Trish, is a Taurus and we are not supposed to be compatible – well, our hearts and minds think differently! LOL

I would like to thank my parents, Josephine and John for giving me life, and for the city of Belfast, Northern Ireland, that hosted my birth.



Here are OTHER famous Leo females (besides myself…LOL)

Adelaide Kane…..Sandra Bullock….Melissa George…Hilary Swank….Meagan Good..Demi Lovato,.. Jennifer Lawrence…, Lucille Ball,… Madonna, madon-408847…Halley Berry, Unknown..Emile Bronte,…Rosalynn Carter, …Melinda Gates, ….Angie Harmond,…. Alison Krauss, ……., Jennifer Lopez…Ricki Lake…Rita Marley…Martina McBride…Helen Mirren…Jacqueline Kennedy..Hayden Panettiere…Anna Paquin…Robin Quivers…Dee Dee Roper…J.K Rowling…Martha Stewart…Charlize Theron…Lynette Woodward…Lee Ann Womack..

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