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images-12 images-13 What I am writing did NOT happen!    Many stories, myths and fables never happened, but there is truth, justice and wisdom in the telling of many.   Now that states like Georgia, North Carolina and Kansas are discriminating against the LGBTI community on “religious grounds,” I thought I’d write a plausible story of what happened after Jesus placed the Samaritan over two religious figures in the Story of the Good Samaritan.    paula.


The Aftermath of the Good Samaritan Story.

by paula key.  March 26, 2016


At the end of the Story, the lawyer who asked Jesus how to enter the kingdom became enraged He knew that entry into Paradise was conditional upon loving his neighbor, but this Rabbi from Galilee had defied and defiled the Torah.   Everyone knew that Samaritans were “unclean” and to be despised and avoided. Yet, this Jesus had placed the Samaritan on equal footing with all Jews! How unscriptural! The lawyer was determined to make it known that only certain people were his neighbor.   He needed the existing laws to be upheld and posted everywhere. The lawyer approached the Sanhedrin, the Jewish court, and presented a discrimination case against Jesus of Nazareth. This preacher had not only discriminated against a Jewish priest and a Levite but had used the Torah to state that a Jew’s neighbor was everyone!

He asked the Sanhedrin to rule on who could be discriminated against according to the Law of Moses.

To his delight, the Sanhedrin (a body of between 23-71) men made it a point to make it known to all Jews that the following persons were “unclean” and abominations in the eyes of God.: prostitutes, lepers, Samaritans and non-believers.   These people by Jewish law could be turned away from shops, merchants, housing and jobs. When the news of this hateful law reached Jesus, “He wept.”

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