Apr 232013

Here are a collection of photos to make you laugh, smile, chuckle or grin.  They are a gift because you ended up on my site: stories4hotbloodedlesbians.com.  Thank you for visiting.  Please add your comments and do visit again.  If you wish to add some words, tell me about yourself and what country you live in.  So far, I have received visits from all the continents except Antarctica.  O.K Antarcticans, come and visit. LOL.

ATT00015This cartoon certainly looks like my wife and I watching Canadian ice hockey.  We are Toronto Maple Leaf fans. And this has been the best season for many years.

I’d like to try out these words at my local bank.  ATT00027If you love cats, here are a few delightful captions.

If you love cats, here are a few delightful photos and the words seem to be so cat-like!   LOL.ATT00020ATT00025ATT00030


And finally, here is an assortment of funnies.ATT00022ATT00011ATT00019 ATT00018


There are also wonderful sayings:

“What part of woof, don’t you understand?”

“Nuke a gay whale for Christ.”

“I was once snow white but then I drifted.”

“Just when I want to kiss that gorgeous person, my face hits the mirror.”

“Home is where the dog/cat is.”

“I’m not a practising lesbian, I’m a professional one.”




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