Apr 102013




Thai Ladyboy

Ladyboys consider themselves as women.  In fact, many foreigners to Thailand cannot distinguish between the ‘lady’ and the ‘boy.’  Ladyboys are looking for love and a rich man to provide a home and family life, but in the meantime they make a lot more money than Thai males in general.  To become a Ladyboy requires money to have the necessary surgery mostly nose changes and implanted breasts.

Ladyboys have to decide whether to keep their penis or go for ‘the big cut.’

Four Ladyboys

It is estimated that 80% keep their penis.  When interviewed they explain that keeping a penis gives their boyfriend (or client) more options.  They state that men dating them at ‘not gay.’  A gay man, they argue, wants a partner who looks like a man.  Who are their boyfriends?  Sometimes, it is a foreigner who does not know the ladyboy has a penis, but she can convince him that he has ‘more options’ and that with her female face and boobs, he will be satisfied.  Then there are the experimenters who want ‘the best of both world’ or are just inquisitive.

I read an article that had a funny slant to it.  It came from a middle aged Australian divorcee who regularly goes to Thailand to get young women.  He knows how to avoid getting fooled by Ladyboys.   He stated that ‘most Ladyboys can’t dance because they still have the ‘male gene.’  They always fidget with their hair because they are not used to it and are very self-conscious about it.  Look for bigger feet and broad shoulders.  Forget about looking for an Adam’s apple, many have undergone surgery to have the bone shaved back.’

My take on it all?  Everyone deserves happiness in this diverse world.  Paula.

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