Oct 242015
Hell for eternity - not my idea of God - paula

Hell for eternity – not my idea of God – paula

hellKim Davis is a Christian fundamentalist who has refused to grant licenses to gay couples. She lives in Kentucky, USA where she has defied the law of the land. This year (2015) the Supreme Court ruled that gays and lesbians can marry.

Kim,  finds quotes from the Bible that enables her to call gays ‘abominations and to justify her refusal to issue marriage licences. Will gays get into Heaven?  Kim will say that this ultimately rests with God’s judgments, but the Bible is very clear that those who ‘choose’ to be abominations cannot enter Paradise.


When Scriptural Verses Hurt People

If you asked Kim Davis why she doesn’t refuse marriage licenses to people of other religions, she would tell you that they are men and women who want to marry and not people of the same sex.  If you asked her if they were going into the Kingdom with her – she would say “No” and repeat the above quotes.

I once asked a fundamentalist neighbour if she believed that a child born in a village in India, and who lived and died as a Hindu, would not enter the Kingdom.  She said, “Yes.”  I was shocked.   Kim Davis feels the same way.  This is NOT the message of Jesus.


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