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Huckabee and Davis are insults to the Gospel of Love and Non-Judgement

Huckabee and Davis are insults to the Gospel of Love and Non-Judgement

Kim Davis is Tearing Down Christianity


It deeply saddened me that Kim Davis professes to be a Christian, yet she is unwilling to love her gay and lesbian neighbours. How can this woman look at the words of Jesus “Love One Another” and “Do not Judge” and yet

not know that the message of the Gospel is one of love.

Her Lack of Knowledge/Education

Kim Davis seems to have little understanding of homosexuality as it is understood by the world’s associations of Psychologists and Psychiatrists.  These are the scientists that have looked at the ‘whole person’ when they deal with homosexuals.  They have been doing this for many years now.  Kim Davis cannot see the “whole person” as homosexuals appear before her seeking to commit themselves to the person that they love.  She may profess that she “loves them” but she sees them as “deviates” and this is based on her reliance on the Bible.  If she sees “marriage” as only between one man and one woman – she needs to open the Bible and from Genesis onwards, she will see that it is between one man and many women.  Jesus never mentions homosexuality, but he mentioned that divorce was granted by Moses because of the “hardness of hearts.”   When you single out people and deny them marriage licenses this is definitely an example of a “hardness of heart.”

Homosexuality Since the Dawn of Time

Has Kim never considered that homosexuality has been around since the dawn of civilization. It has existed and exists today in every country. This is because some babies are born heterosexual and others are born gay.

It is NOT a choice. Who would choose to be persecuted? I am a lesbian and a Christian. I knew that I was different around the age of eleven. I had no name for it, but I knew that I liked girls more than I like boys. 

Kim Davis is NOT a Psychiatrist or Psychologist.

None of us are experts in certain areas. It is education, wisdom and a good heart that makes us research things that we little knowledge about. I think Kim Davis needs to research homosexuality on the world’s Psychiatric webpages. These societies in South Africa, the U.K, Europe, Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, India, Japan etc – all have the following information about homosexuality.

“Homosexuality is not a disease, mental illness or perversion. It cannot be reversed or change and this confirms that it is NOT a choice.”

Let’s Be Christian – Let’s be Fair

Hitler put to death around 6 millions Jews solely on their birth as Jews. Why would anyone want to persecute or kill gays solely on account of their birth. It seems that Kim Davis is willing to do this. I question how educated Kim Davis is because of her terrible actions.  A person only has to visit a kindergarten class to recognize that a few boys are very feminine and a few girls are very boyish.  My wife has over 30 years of teaching experience.  The vast majority of these kids who are “different” in kindergarten turn out to be proud gays and lesbians.  On the subject of kids and schooling, can Kim Davis not realize that she is fanning the bigotry and homophobia that results in many gay kids committing suicide.?  Watch out, Kim Davis, you may have gay grandchildren!!

Who is My Neighbour?

What I do share with Kim Davis is the desire to enter the Kingdom of God. How do we enter it? A lawyer asked Jesus this question and received the answer: “Love God, Love Neighbour, Love Self.”

 The Story of the Good Samaritan

Now, the lawyer was aware that certain non-Jewish persons were unclean. If a Jew came into physical contact with a Samaritan, he/she had to go to the Temple for Purification.

So the lawyer asks Jesus, “Who is my neighbour.”

Wasn’t he astonished when Jesus tells a story of a man being beaten up and left for dead.

When Jesus mentions the first priest arriving on the scene, the lawyer is sure that he will help. But, he passes by and so does a second priest. Kim Davis, Jesus was showing that a priest or you can shout “I am a Christian or a devout Jew” but it is our words and actions that count.

Imagine the lawyer’s surprise when the most hated, the most unclean, –the Samaritan– takes care of the man.

The Samaritan will enter the kingdom – not because he was born a Samaritan – but because he loved his neighbour.  Kim Davis – this is how you enter the kingdom by love of neighbour and not deeming them as sinners!

Good People of Justice and Love

Yes, “a man laying with a man is an abomination in Leviticus,” but there are also 90 other abominations – eating pork, wearing two different garments, cutting your hair and beard. This was written 3,500 years ago when little was known about medicine or sexuality.  And Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed for many reasons: men wanting  to have sex with angels, not caring for the sick, orphans and poor.  And lastly, because there was no love in these cities. (Yes, there is the sex of homosexuals, but again this is written almost 4,o00 years ago).

When Paul mentions “unnatural lusts” He is addressing temple prostitution in Greece. In pagan fertility rituals, it was thought that the goddess welcomed all kinds of sex – so heterosexual pagans had sex with the opposite sex and with the same sex.  Paul saw that the majority of temple orgies were performed by heterosexuals.  Clearly heterosexuals involved in orgies with same-sex partners is “unnatural” to their born natures as heterosexuals.

In the Acts of the Apostles, it is written that “they will know we are Christians by our love.”

Kim Davis -You are NOT a Martyr!

You went to jail because you broke the law. Jesus said to render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s.  In other words, Jesus told his followers to obey the law. Jesus never went to jail – he didn’t have to: – he loved everyone unconditionally.


Please choose love over hatred

Thank you,

paula key.

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