Aug 112014


1.Watching Indiana Jones kiss a woman, a five year old asked, “Is he going to get his whip out now?”


2.  “Can we get a cat?”

“Your mom is allergic to cats?”

“Can we get one when she dies?”


3.  Mother shows small daughter a picture of herself when she was a teenager.

“Do you know who that is?”

“Me when I’m older.”




4. “My little cousin was holding my dog when she said, ‘If I squeezed him as hard as I love him, he would explode.’”



5. What is heaven like mom asked twins.



Four year old boy:

‘Everyone drives a monster truck all the time.’

Four year old sister:

“No, they make braclets and bake cookies.”


6.  Big Words:  Mom was at the zoo explaining to her 4 year old daughter about owls.


Mom:  Owls are nocturnal.

Kid:  “Yes, I know that they are NOT turtles.


7. Uncle John:



On a visit a small girl’s uncle took off his shirt to swim in their pool.  The little girl put her finger on her uncle’s chest.

‘How come you got a beard on there?’”


8.  Another time, the same child asked a question about the ropes in the public swimming pool, ‘How does that rope stop the deep water from going in the shallow water?’”


9. Around the campfire:    A little girl was camping with her aunts and uncles and cousins.   In her mind, her father was too slow at getting the popcorn to her.    She startled everyone by saying,

“More Cockporn Daddy.


10.Overheard in a first grade classroom:

“When my Mom and Dad practice wrestling, I get to eat a big bowl of ice cream and I can watch whatever movie I want!”

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