Jun 172016
Imagine having to disguise your face to appear at a Gay Pride event!

Imagine having to disguise your face to appear at a Gay Pride event!



KENYA: Your Anti-Gay Laws Defy Science

Paula here.

Here it is in a nutshell.   Kenyan police have to find two men whom they believe may have had anal sex. This information could have been called in/phoned in by a neighbor or an enemy of one or both the men.

Since homosexuality is illegal in Kenya, here is what will happen or is likely to happen.A judge (Mombasa High Court Judge Mathew Emukule) recently (May/June 2016) ruled that men suspected of having anal sex should be inspected by an anal probe. The same judge ruled that he did not think that any human rights were being violated. Are you kidding?  Is this judge prejudicial?  Is he a member of a right wing religious organization.  I am not addressing the following remarks to Judge Emukule, but there are very rich evangelical American Christians who fund Christian churches and line the pockets of those who can persuade the public through the media, judiciary and churches that h0mosexual is an evil.  The fact that it has been in place in every continent in the world and in every culture throughout time – is evidently not something to investigate.


WORLD PSYCHIATRIC ASSOCIATION (represents nearly 200 countries)

In March 2016, the World Psychiatric Association (WPA) wrote a declaration to the United Nations and world leaders stating the dangers of trying to change a person’s sexual orientation. They cited that the person would feel unloved and inferior to other members of their family. They would feel shamed for their feelings towards someone of the same-sex. There has been ungoing studies of homosexuality by independent scientific bodies in various countries of the world. They share their findings. It is NOW a scientific fact that people are born with different orientations – heterosexual, homosexual- bi-sexual and transgendered. The latter is the knowledge by the individual that they have been born into the wrong body or gender.

The World Psychatric Association (WPA) also went on to state in their declaration of March 2016, that it is impossible to change a person’s sexual orientation. There are claims that “God” has made it happen, but in the vasst majority of cases, there are reasons why “God” allowed it to happen. Most of these “miracles” are based on the fact that the “victim” has been told that God does not love them as homosexuals and awaiting them is eternal damnation.   Sometimes these “victims” have been heralded as “heroes” and paraded as examples of what “God can do.” For many of these fragile people, this is the first time that anyone cared about them – and- if they are fearful of God and hell, this is a ‘safe place.’ However, most of the straight right wing religious people go home to their straight spouses, have sex, but more important, they have a mate for life.


Kenya and other countries, here is the hyprocrisy.

You accept modern science, people with scizophrenia are now treated for metal diseases and not burned, stoned or shunned. Thanks to scientific inventions and studies, women survive difficult childbirths. The 70 plus cancers can now be diagnosed, treated, and in most cases, cured. So why not accept valid scientific evidence, carried out over many years, and on a world-wide basis that states “we are born with our sexual orientation – heterosexual, homosexual or bi-sexual.”

Why not thank God for this evidence and admit that the writers of Leviticus were ill-informed when they lived 3,500 years ago. We cannot blame them. It was important for tribes back them to increase and multiple in defense against enemies. For this reason, there were more than one wife – in fact many wives.


If you are Kenyan or just an informed person with good will towards all humans then copy/paste and spread this blog.

God is love. (John 1).



Other countries that still use “anal examinations” to determine homosexuality include Cameroon, Egypt, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, Uganda and Zambia.  Come on, Africa, you are the continent where the first human being arose and went forth.   Now, you are going backwards.


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