Feb 232017

Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s constantly lying advisor, came up with another incredible lie.  She invented a massacre that never happened.


She invented a terrorist attack in Kentucky to justify Trump’s travel ban on seven Muslim-majority countries. (Note that most of the 911 terrorists came from Saudi Arabia which is not on the ban). Saudi Arabia and Trump are involved in business negotiations and deals.

Kellyanne Needs a Nazi Uniform!

Hitler is on record as saying that repeatedly telling a lie will eventually make people believe it is true. To back up this claim, more than half of Trump’s supporters believe that a Bowling Green, Kentucky massacre happened!  This is despite the media stating such a massacre never occured!

In a new poll, 51 per cent of Trump voters agreed that  “the Bowling Green Massacre shows why Mr Trump’s immigration policy is needed”.

Conway stated that two Iraqi refugees were the masterminds behind the Bowling Green massacre in a televised interview — before having to clarify that the attack in  Kentucky’s- third most populous city- never actually happened.

Conway told MSNBC presenter Chris Matthews: “President Obama had a six-month ban on the Iraqi refugee program after two Iraqis came here to this country, were radicalised and they were the masterminds behind the Bowling Green massacre. Most people don’t know that because it didn’t get covered.”

Trump’s approval rating is now just 43 per cent, while his disapproval rating has gone all the way up to 53 per cent.

If voters could choose they would rather have either Mr Obama or Hillary Clinton as US President, instead of Mr Trump, the data showed.

Just three weeks into his administration, voters are now evenly divided on the issue of impeaching Mr Trump, with 46 per cent in favour and 46 per cent opposed.

“It only took three weeks in office for half the country to decide it wants to impeach Donald Trump,” said Dean Debnam, President of Public Policy Polling.

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