Aug 162013

Unknown-3images-5I have been a long time fan of Canadian singer, kd lang.   Her voice is totally amazing and I am sure that if you are reading this blog, you probably have a cd or tape of this incredible icon.   If I mentioned the single “Crying” you would name kd and possibly Roy Oribison with whom she did a duet.  Another one of my all-time favorites is her recording of Leonard Cohen (Canadian) song “Halleluia.” There have been many versions of this song, but in my opinion, no one does it better than kd.

As a Canadian, I have fond memories of kd in her early days.  She began as a country-singer recording many Patsy Cline hits with her back up ground, the Reclines.  I remember her running up to receive a Grammy in a wedding dress, stating this was probably the only time she would wear one.   If you were lucky to see kd and Canadian singer, Anne Murray, sing a duet on television, “I want to Sing You a Love Song” then you will realize what chemistry was like!   Anne Murray has consistently declared she is not a lesbian, but many Canadian will disagree!

kd looked incredible on a Vanity Fair magazine some years ago.  She came out and was always proud to be a lesbian.  I am not too sure of her personal life (there are always rumours) but it is public knowledge that she was in a relationship with a like-minded Buddhist for many years in California.  Now, she has moved to the state of Oregon. (see map)images-9


They split and I believe it is factual to say that kd now lives in Portland and is doing some fine work with a program dedicated to help ending child hunger.  Well done, kd.  The program is called No Kid Hungry.







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