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images-8images-6 Unknown-2C’mon, Kd – we, your fans want to know that at least you are on a healthy meal plan and taking your vitamins.

If I had kd’s song “Alleluia” (written by Leonard Cohen) on vinyl, it would long be worn out! I’ve heard other singers perform this song – but, you’ve crossed the finish line and they are just in the starting blocks. Your race to voice perfection and delivery on this song – left these other performers “in the dust.”

Kd is a Canadian performer, born in Consort Alverta and has three siblings – she being the youngest. I first heard Kd singing out her heart as she experimented with her own brand of country music. (Not my genre, but fans gobbled it up).

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1992 Out of the Closet

Kd came out as a lesbian and also as a vegetarian. Her campaign against meat did not sit well with her fellow Albertans – This is cattle country!   She also at some point moved away from country singing.


Glued to my Chair.

Only one image I could find - that says it all - "Too hot to handle!" LOL

Only one image I could find – that says it all – “Too hot to handle!” LOL

There is a moment that I recorded. Anne Murray (Canadian) invited Kd to sing, “Love Song.” I skyrocketed off the chair and bounced off the ceiling – this loved like two people really singing a love song! There has always been speculation about Anne Murray and women, but she has denied it. In a moment of passionate abandonment, I just wanted to crash through that television screen and marry them both on the spot. Gay marriage came to Canada in 2005.


Heartbreak Makes For Good Song Writing – Perhaps?

Kd’s album “Ingenue” was supposed realized after an attraction/love felt passion – to a married unavilable woman.

I felt the pain. I did not like the album. It was very melancholy.


Toronto and Watching Kd on Stage.

This was an incredible performance and I clapped until my hands were sore.


Love in the Woods of LA

When I learned that Kd had a lover/friend called Jamie, and that both shared the practise and philosophy of Buddhism, I was very happy. I love nature and I could relate to the pair of them living in the woods of LA with their dogs. Two great albums followed, “Hymns of the 49th Parallel and “Watershed.”


Privacy, Portland and Break UP

Jamie and Kd are no longer a couple. Kd, to the best of my knowledge now lives in Portland. She has been linked to a couple of women. That’s not my business. I just want kd to be happy.

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