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Katie Walsh on Seabass who came 3rd in
2013 Grand National

Picture of Grand National 3rd place Katie with horse and name the horse.

“Horses and racing is in the Irish blood,” I was told when as a teenager, I lived in Dublin.  Everty year, the annual show jumping competitions were held in Ballsbridge, a suburb of Dublin.  Ireland was always in the top three winners and if we were beaten, the odds were that the foreign rider was on an Irish horse.

Katie Walsh has ‘racing in her blood’ and has established herself as one of the best  jockeys in Ireland. The twenty-seven year old has a list of wins in Ireland and English are incredible and her latest accomplishment was to be placed third in the 2013 running of The Grand National.

The Grand National is a dangerous sport.  This year forty horses started and two of them died and only 15 finished, one of those 15 horses had Katie on its back.

There are just 46 women jockeys out of a total of 435 professional jockeys in the United Kingdom.  There is always a horse for Katie to ride.  Her father, Ted Walsh, a former jockey and racehorse breeder encourages his daughter in her sport.

Now, let me introduce you to Nina Carberry, Katie’s Wash’s sister-in-law.  She was also entered in the Grand National on Organized Confusion.  Nina won the Irish Grand National, so her riding skills are first class.

Katie has placed third in the English Grand National, now who will be the first female to win this race?


Nina on left and Katie on the right.


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