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Well, Kathryn, now it's time to see in action "Orange is the New Black" -

Well, Kathryn, now it’s time to see in action— “Orange is the New Black” –

Kathyrn Knott’s lawyer was in court again trying to bargain with Judge Covington.  His 25 year old client, was sentenced to 5-10 months in jail for being caught on video bashing two gay men.  Knott hoped that a simple P.R statement would release her from jail to do community work.

The Good Judge

The judge who last month (February, 20160 who sentenced Kathryn Knott to jail for her role in the September 2014 assault on a gay couple in Philadelphia said today that Knott must stay behind bars for the rest of her sentence. This was a gang of 15 beating up two gays and walking away as one lay unconscious in a pool of blood. None of them phoned for emergency help.

Knott was originally offered a plea bargain the same as another accused named Harrigan. This would have resulted in three years of probation,but she the arrogant Knott opted to face trial and ended up with the most severe punishment.

Nodoubt, she thought that her daddy, as Police Chief, would get her off the hook.

In a statement Knott “apologized” to the victims and their families but never added the word I.   She was sorry for what had happened to the victims – not, I am sorry for what I did to the victims!

Original Trial

Knott, 25, of Upper Southampton, Bucks County, broke down in tears as Covington delivered the sentence. Her parents consoled Knott and hugged her after the sentence was read, and the victims quickly exited the courtroom. She was taken into custody immediately after the hearing.In issuing her sentence, Judge Covington said she considered the homophobic slurs used by Knott and others in her group to be hate speech, even if Pennsylvania law does not recognize it as such.

Judge Covington also said she’d struggled to understand how Knott, who worked in the health care industry, could leave ailing victims on the street.“The entire group walked away from this,” Covington said. “Until those faces appeared on the news no one responded – and did so only to save themselves from prosecution.”


The Victim, Andrew Haught

One of Knott’s victims, Andrew Haught, also addressed the court, saying Monday that he is unable to comprehend how a group of 15 people could have left him for dead:

“Not one of them even called for help. I will never forget that everyone in that group, including Kathryn Knott, left me in the alleyway to die.”

The Sentencing and Past Record

Knott was sentenced to 5-10 months and has been behind bars since 9 February. She wanted to record a Public Service Announcement (PSA)

Following her arrest, Knott gained notoriety after it was discovered that she had posted photos of patient X-rays on Twitter that she had access to through her job at the Lansdale Hospital where she worked as an emergency room technician before she was fired.

Her tweets added to her notoriety including one Knott posted after she saw two men kissing in a bar. She wrote: ‘#gay #ew’ and ‘ ‘jazz flute is for little fairy boys’ among others. There were also a tweet about a cab drive who was thought to be “non-American” and should be “deported.” Another tweet wondered why “Asians keep their kids on reins”?

Hopefully, this 25 year old out- of- control (child) will receive anger management and racist/homophobic information to rid her of her racism and homophobia. What cannot be erased are two important factors:

  1. the victim who was left unconscious and in a pool of blood
  2. the fact that Daddy, Chief of Police, cannot erase her criminal record.

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