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images-6That Katharine Hepburn swung both ways.  She called herself ‘Jimmy’. She spent 30 years with someone called Phyllis.  At the age of 70, she made a daring statement, “I put pants on 50 years ago and declared a sort of middle road.  She certainly loved and admired women.  Here is a  quote that reveals this is her “I wouldn’t give you 10 ten for any one woman. All men are poops.”

She Loved Sports

She won her first golf tournament at age 16 and well into late age, she swam in all conditions.

 Bi-Sexual Boyfriends

All her ‘boyfriends’ were bi-sexual: Howard Hughes, John Ford and Spencer Tracey.  She had many close platonic male friends.

A Long Line of Female Lovers

Katharine’s first lesbian affair happened when she was in college.  The lucky girl was Alice Palache. Another notable female was Laura Harding and this was a long-term romance.  She was able to keep the press away with the rumours of her affair with Spencer Tracey.  They looked very sexy in their movies together. When he fell ill, Katharine would visit him.  They never shared a home together.  Spencer lived with his wife and there was a certain “male friend” named Scotty.

The women were named: Nancy Hamilton and Frances Rich, Constance Collier and Elissa Landi.  Katharine refused to use the word ‘lesbian’ as she thought the term conjured up a butch woman.  However, some of her lovers were masculine and rugged.

Briefly Married

Katharine disliked sex with men.  When it was rumoured that she had an affair with John Ford (bi-sexual) she hotly denied it and it probably was the truth.  At college evidently she had sex with a male.  An old college friend stated that” she tried sex once and just didn’t like it.”  Perhaps, her brief marriage was a marriage of convenience.

Final Years

For thirty years, Katharine and Phyllis lived together and supported one another.  Yet, for some reason, her biographer Mann states that she was lonely, emotionally volatile and enjoyed her booze.  She escaped the media and lived a life of a recluse.  If her life could be summed up it might be in a statement she made to the media at some point in her life: “You’ll never get it right! No one ever does!”

paula:  I think what most fans of Kate get right –is that she was an extremely good-looking woman, with a husky voice and a dare-devil look in her eye.   No wonder she had many women in her bed.




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