Apr 072016
Hanna - stay brave and proud. There are millions of gay teens in this world!

Hanna – stay brave and proud. There are millions of gay teens in this world!  paula

Some of the “red-neck” southern states of the USA are imposing homophobic laws and it is affecting the views of teens.  By stating that passing these laws is to protect “Christians with a conscience” – they are in fact making it public that homosexuals are second class citizens and a treat to “good Christians.”

Here is a Horrific Scene of Homophobic Bullying in Kansas

A lesbian has spoken out about the horrific bullying she faced from two classmates  who threatened to slash her throat and told her to kill herself.

 Hannah Reno, a 17-year-old junior at Basehor-Linwood High School in Kansas, has gone public after she received a Facebook message from two male classmates.

It included song lyrics that ‘addressed things like my sexuality…him wanting to kill me, and him wanting me to kill myself.’

‘It is definitely inappropriate to target somebody for their sexuality,’ Reno told Fox 4 Kansas City. ‘It’s inappropriate to target anyone and write a song that’s wanting them to die…I was extremely upset.’


Hannah’s father, Brian, said the two male classmates wanted to ‘cut her throat and shoot her, that they wanted her to slit her wrists and cut her own threat.’.

‘She was almost hysterical,’ he added, ‘she couldn’t believe that she was attacked because of her sexual preference.

Brian contacted the police and high school. The offenders were suspended for ‘severe disrespect and intimidation of another student.’

‘If this was a bomb threat in a song, what would have happened?’ Brian asked, questioning why it was such a minimal punishment.

‘That school would have been on lockdown  – but because of my daughter’s sexual preferences being questioned, they’re trying to minimize this, and I do not like this at all.’

Basehor-Linwood High School has not responded to the reports.

To respond would be to acknowledge that homophobic bullying is not-Christian!  Want to bet these bullies come from Christian homes?  paula.

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