Oct 162013

BWn92JACcAIH-RjNow in  fair Verona, Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet suddenly have a much more difficult problem than feuding families — there are holes in Juliet’s right breast.  A bronze statue of one of the world’s most famous star-crossed lovers is in the courtyard near a balcony in Verona, Italy, on which William Shakespeare is said to have based one of Romeo and Juliet‘s most famous scenes during which Juliet is courted.  But, they are ‘star crossed lovers’ and a lot of romanticism plays out for the two impetutuous young persons in love.

Fondling fans of Shakespeare’s Juliet are in danger of rubbing away one of her most important assets. The right breast on the statue of the tragic lover has been worn down by years of groping.   Tourists pose for photographs while touching her chest in the hope it will bring them good luck.

The Juliet Club, which responds to letters left for the heroine, is demanding the figure in Verona – the setting for Romeo And Juliet – be repaired.    There is something truly magical about touching the statue,’ said Giovanna Tamassia of the club, whose exploits featured in the 2010 romantic comedy Letters To Juliet.

‘The right side is the only place you can step up to reach the face of the statue to get a picture. It is Verona city council’s duty to keep the statue and the city’s many monuments clean and restored.’  The council said it would ‘control access’ to La Casa Di Giulietta, where the statue was placed in the 1970s.

Last year, it clamped down on tourists who left messages on sticky notes and on chewing gum below the balcony where Juliet is said to have been courted by Romeo.  How many of these rubbers are lesbian?  How many women will get that ‘aah moment’ or ephiphany and realize that they are lesbian? LOL.  paula

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