Feb 122013

UnknownRather than reacting to Jo’s comments, Donna pondered the question.  ‘Did she have any needs, any feelings these days?  Gone was the spontaneity.  Years ago, she would have responded to Jo’s healthy sexual appetite with a gust of eagerness.  Well, she would have played hard to get, but sex was such a pleasure with women.  It didn’t always have to lead to complicated commitmnts. Jo’s straight forward proposition of ‘breast and thigh,’ although crudely put was exactly what she needed right now, or did she?.  She gazed down the red dirt road watching the dust fly in all directions.  The woman beside her was very attractive, a tad on the rough side, but had been tender when she spoke of Dalmali.  Even if she didn’t sleep with Jo, she might get the woman to get her a horse.  Riding would never be a substitute for good sex, but at this moment in her life, it would do nicely.

“Jo, I’d value your friendship.  I’m annoyed with the bus thing.  The bloody bastards promised me champagne with every meal, and an enchanting bus driver!”

Jo laughed.

“You’re alright.  I’ve been a bit of a drongo.  I said some stupid things, but will you sleep with me?”

Donna looked at Jo’s laughing expression.

“No, but you could take me riding.  Big city life doesn’t give me much time to spend with nature.  That’s why I’m heading to Alice.  If I teach, it will be on a reserve with my people.”

Jo momentarily glanced sideways, “You were reading a book about returning to the land.”

“That’s right.  I need the land.”

Jo nodded, “Me too. Getting a couple of horses won’t be a problem, but I’ve only one bed.  One of us has to sleep on the floor.”

Donna smiled.  “I’m willing!  Don’t tell me there are not other cabins.”

The ute bumped and Donna made it a point to look carefully at Jo.  She already liked the way the jeans hugged her body and the masculine belt buckle.  Her Blunderstone boots were polished but well worn.  Her gaze rested on Jo’s crotch.  How long had it been since she touched a woman, felt her warm juices flow.  She tingled at the thought.

A banging at the back window occured at the same time that Jo and Donna saw the emus.


“Bloody tourists!” but Jo stopped the ute to allow them to take pictures.

Donna looked out toward the large birds.

“I bet when they get to Alice, they’ll take pictures of my drunken mob.  In Tokyo they can show drunk aborigines on the banks of the Todd River.  What they won’t see are my mob, the professional ones, inside schools, hospital buildings and running our Aboriginal television and radio stations.”

“Yeah.” said Jo starting the ute again, “I sympathize with you on that one!”

Donna turned to Jo.

“Keep this up and I might get to like you.”

“Enough to Sleep with me?”

“NO.”  This time Donna was laughing.


“Yeah.” said Jo starting the ute again, “I sympathize with you on that one!”

Donna turned to Jo.

“Keep this up and I might get to like you.”

“Enough to Sleep with me?”

“NO.”  This time Donna was laughing.  “I can say that, at the moment, I like your ute more than I like you.  At least, it doesn’t harp on about wanting to sleep with me.”

“Ah, but you could sleep in her, with me!”

“Tell me about this vehicle.”  Donna continued to smile.

“I customized the mudflaps and painted the logos and installed the roo or cattle bar.  I swear roos can be suicidal beings, they throw themselves right in front of me – just like women!”

“I’m not suicidal, I’ll leave room for the roos and these other women!”



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