Feb 112013

Jo won.  This annoyed the driver. He cursed and yelled at Jo.

“O.K Smart ass.  What the problem?”

The woman took off her baseball hat and walked over and peered into the engine.  Jo noted the tight bent buns, strong shoulders and wavy dark hair.  But, when the woman turned, took off her sunglasses, and Jo looking at her saw black eyes that were wild and defiant.  What was this woman’s problem?

“Well, can it be fixed? I need to move on.”

Her voice was sultry and indignant. “

What’s yer hurry?” replied Jo sarcastically.  “Spend some time analysing the weird loners of the Outback.”

“I suppose you’re their leader.”

The woman replied coldly. Jo refrained from an angry response.

“Transmission’s a gonner and that will take several days to ship.  There’s no accommodation in Boulia because of the horse show.”

The woman raised a quizzical eye brow and ran her hand through shoulder length brown hair. She pointed to the engine.

“So the problem is identified. Now stockwoman what’s the solution?

Jo adjusted her akubra hat.  This woman had a bad attitude.

“Trust me, I’ll do everything in my power to move on a bunch of tourists.”

“I’m not a bloody tourist, snapped Donna, I’m getting to see my own country,’

” Jo shrugged. “You’re an unwelcome intruder, particularly with that attitude. Look, I’m doing you all a bloody favour.”

The driver snarled, “Yer, like Donna says, what’s yer bloody solution, mate?”

Jo sighed, but remained calm.

“My boss says you’re welcome at the station, I’ll just confirm the numbers with him.”

The driver started to argue, but Jo held up her hand.

Now,” yelled Jo, “Everyone get back to the bus and get all your gear.”

Jo walked to her truck and relayed the situation.  She noted the woman’s pacing then walking towards her. There was just the two of them with no onlookers within hearing. Wnen she approached, she extended her hand.

“Sorry for being the bitch!”  She laughed.  “Look, the tour bastards promised me champagne with every meal and no breakdowns on the road.”

Jo wiped her hand on a rag and grasped the woman’s hand.

“You know I’m Donna, now do you have a name other than Butch?”

Jo squeezed the woman’s hand.  “It’s Jo.  Tell me, do you have anything against butches?”

“Nothing, as long as you don’t hit on me!” Jo released her hand.

“You won’t have to worry, I’m very selective!”

Donna watched Jo walk towards the tourists.  Why was she being such a bitch?  Life was short, why not take a chance with a woman who obviously liked her?  And this woman was spunky, strong willed and a leader. The Japanese gathered around Jo asking questions.  Donna noted Jo confident pose, leg raised on a rock, dusty tight fitting jeans and shiny Blunderstone boots.  She gave orders and the tourists responded.  She helped one attractive woman with her bags.  Donna glimpsed Jo’s muscles tightening under a black tank top and she felt a tang of passion and jealousy Jo addressed the crowd.

“Now, I’m taking you back to the station, any questions?” The tourists started speaking Japanese.  One cute girl approached Jo. “Please what food you give at cattle ranch?” Jo smiled and it was clear to Donna that the stockwoman’s eyes were undressing the woman.

This Bush food consists of nuts and berries-delicious

“Bush food. “How do you like your roo steaks served with emu eggs?  Then, there’s possum pie for lunch and wombat stew for supper.”images-10

The woman put a hand to her face, looked shocked and translated. The were gasps of uneasiness from the tourists.

Donna stepped forward. “Don’t believe a word, cattle folk live well.  I should know.  My Uncle was manager of a beef station.  Even when we drove cattle, we lived like kings.”

The girls translated again and a sigh of relief was heard from her companions. Jo noted the kindness in Donna’s eyes and the easy way she dealt with the woman.  Why the hell can’t she be nice with me? The driver had returned with his gear from the bus and was heading for the front passenger seat.

“Hold it, mate.  “You and the tourists ride in the back.  Donna rides up front with me.” “Bossy, aren’t we?” growled the driver.

“Blow it out your ear, mate!  Do as you’re told.  There’s a possibility of a storm and if you annoy mimages-20e again, you can stay here or bloody well walk the fifteen miles to the station.

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