Apr 052013

Towards early morning, Jo returned to the cabin. 4057650-day-break-in-australia-outback The transmission was in the bus ,and the sleeping woman on her bed ,would be gone from her life.  Jo chose to sleep on the couch.  She set the alarm for five o’clock, giving her barely four hours sleep.  She would mount up and ride off with the men.  There would be stray frightened cattle to muster and fences to mend.  The bus and Donna would be gone when she returned.

Jo yearned to wake Donna, make love to her, and talk and talk.  There was something mysterious about the woman with the deep, dark eyes. images-14 On the ride out to the billabong, Donna had fascinated Jo with her tales of backpacking in Europe and North America.  She had suggested that Jo should backpack as travel was such a great ‘educator.’

Jo remembered how she had felt inferior and resented the remark about ‘education.’  Why had she replied that she could learn everything right here in the Outback, and that Mother Nature was the greatest teacher of all.”  Jo remembered that Donna had smiled and told her that she was ‘probably right,’ and that if she could stay at the station longer she would learn a lot from Jo.  Was this response genuine or patronizing?  She would never find out.

There would have to be a very good reason for her to leave her beautiful Outback.

Jo put of sleeping, this would rid her of the sight of the beautiful woman peacefully sleeping in her bed.  Something had happened at the billabong, not just the body exploration, that was short-lived by Tim’s arrival.  What had happened?  Jo tried to figure it out.  It was not in her nature to fall for women; this led to complications.  For one thing, there were few single lesbians in the Outback.  Jo’s sex-capades were mainly with married women whose husbands or partners were away from home on a constant and long-time basis. All the women were married except one, a professional artist who lived alone with her dogs.  Maureen O’Reilly was top of the list. She was a buxom woman, limited to conversation of a domestic nature, which pleased Jo. She had two small babies who would win medals for peacefully sleeping.  But, what interested Jo, was Maureen’s appetite for sex. Maureen’s husband was a gruff, stubble-faced, alcoholic, who somehow held down a truck driving job. He was gone for weeks at a time,and Maureen would take advantage of the situation, phone the station and report some breakdown in electrical or plumbing gadgets.  Then she would pack the old car with her babies and meet Jo at a secluded location.  The medal-winning babies would nap and the women would do-what sex starved women do!




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