Apr 032013

The women, straighted out their clothes and checked for unbuttoned items.

“Howya goiin, Jo?”  The rider acknowledged Donna.

“Mad as a cut snake, ” growled Jo. Then she smiled, ”  I was hoping for some peace and quiet and I get you, Tim with a load of problems on his mind.”

images-18 copy“Yer can’t blame me, mate.  Boss wants you right away.  Amberley’s here with the part for the bus.  What with the storm comin’ our way and that coot of a driver yappin’ in the boss’s ear, he wants her working with Amberley.”

Tim nodded towards Donna.

“Not that we want to get rid of you, Miss, but that bleedin’ driver, he’s a mangy mutt.”

Jo looked at Donna.

“Go, Jo.  I’ll spend time here.  Yep, there’s a storm coming.  I’ll be in bed before it hits!”

Jo turned to Tim.

“Give us a minute, mate.”

Tim trotted away.

Donna put a finger to her lip, then said, “Don’t Jo.  It’s for the best.  It looks like I’ll be gone tomorrow.”

Jo stared.  “I just want you to know something.  I’ve been crude about you and sex.  But, I feel different now.  Can’t explain it. Good luck to ya.”

Jo turned her horse and caught up with Tim; she never looked back.

images-17Donna felt her heart sink.  Tears fell from her eyes and a fear overcame her.


To her right, a tree with red berries caught Donna’s attention. It was a tree that she considered sacred, a tree that was special to her grandmother. The quandong or wild peach tree liked to grow in desert conditions, but this sole tree seemed to be flourishing well.

“I can feel your gentle spirit, grandmother.  Yes, I would have liked to spend more time with Jo.  I know my path, and it should not include her.  You are here and I will take my strength from you.  Watch over my love, grandmother.”


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