Apr 032013

images-21“To be alive again, “ Donna muttered to herself.  She looked towards Jo, who was beckoning.  It was destiny, Donna throught to herself.  The moment she had met Jo, there had been a small fire smoldering in her belly.  She had tried to put it out, to douse it with harsh words, but it went against her true feelings.  The mind had tried to rule the heart, and the mind now had failed.

Jo stared up into a pair of dark, enticing eyes. She pulled Donna down beside her, and cupped her face between two hands.

“I want you, Donna,  so bloody much, that it hurts.”

“Then kiss me.  I need your mouth on mine.”

Jo lowered her lips and Donna quivered before they touched.

They kissed gently and softly, until as the passion mounted and they groaned.Donna slowly undid the buttons of her shirt as Jo’s mouth explored her neck and ears. Donna wore no bra and Jo feasted her mouth on one, then the second of two firm and small breasts.The Donna squirmed with delight, kissing Jo’s neck and running her fingers throught the dusty’s stockhand’s hair.

“Remove your shorts, Jo.” Donna groaned as she felt her nipples grow with excitement.

Jo obeyed.

“The underwear goes, too.”  Donna called out.

Jo obeyed and was rewarded with eyes that looked with passion at her body.

“And you?”  Jo grinned, “You drop ‘em, too.”

Donna looked up and the smile vanished.

“I need to take things a bit slow, Jo.  Let me have my way, today, please.”

Jo looked puzzled, but wasn’t about to lose the chance of being touched, and touching whatever Donna would offer.

They kissed again, and then Jo felt the wonder of Donna’s fingers exploring her and entering her.

“Stop, Donna, Stop!”  Jo was on her feet.

“What?” Then Donna realized the situation.  “My God, it’s someone coming.”

They looked at one another and started to laugh.

“I can usually dress faster than this, if I have to!” Jo quipped.

“You’re full of hot air, cowgirl.” Donna replied.



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