Mar 282013



The bright sunshine and two squaking pink gallahs woke Donna.

Jo was not beside her.  She dressed and made her way across the yard to the station’s outdoor kitchen.  The smell of bacon wafted  from the large open air grill.  It was just after five in the morning and yet the entire Wollinbar workers, minus the tourists were tucking it to a big meal.

Jo was sitting with Morgan.  His plate had the remains of a couple of steaks and some burnt bacon.  Morgan tipped his hat, “G’day, Donna.  Jo says she intends taking you ride.  It’s a fine day for that!”

“I hope it doesn’t rain like it did last night,” Donna said raising a coffee to her lips.

“It didn’t rain last night,” Morgan replied.

“It rained last night, Morgan.” Jo said miserably.  “And now it’s gonna rain on my parade.”

Morgan shook his head.  “Yer talkin’ riddles.  Time for me to work!”

He smiled and tipped his hat.

“How’s the head, Jo?”

“Tell me nothing happened, Donna.”

“Oh, but it did.  I woke in the night and, there was this body lying next to me.”

“I was drunk. Gawd, Tell me nuttin’ happened?

Donna smiled.

“Had your way, but I can’t blame you.  I’m so hot!”

Jo stared and then laughed.

“Yer wouldn’t be here if I did.”

Then, Jo added, “That is, of course, if you thought I was hot, too!”

Donna got up and filled her plate.  On her return, Jo struggled with words.

“Yer see, I’m not known for doin’ stupid things.  Like, well take last night..”

Donna manageed to talk with her mouth full, “It rained.”

“Ah, Donna, I don’t know what came over me….”

“Rain came over me, Jo!  Now, redeem yourself you brainless larrikin.  Take me riding.”

Jo beamed,  “Righto. “Let’s see.  I’m not free until after dinner.”


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