Mar 272013

images-4They walked slowly across the brown dust that covered the area between Jo’s cabin and the grub house.

“Tell me about life here at Wollinbar,” Donna .

“Let’s see.  A diesel driven generator gives us electricity.  I’m working on putting in my own solar panels.  We wash pots and replenish our shower tanks from the creek. Drinking water is contained in those massive steel drums located by the workers’ huts.  Water for animals is pumped out of bore holes using windmills and it’s transferred directly to water troughs.”

Donna added,  “Water must be liquid gold around here.”

“Water, beer and grub.  They come before the blokes have time to throw in ‘sex’ into the mixture.  Had any recently?”

Donna stopped.   Jo stopped.  Then Jo, laughed.  “Can you blame me for trying? Look at where I’m living!”

Donna smiled broadly.  “Trust life to throw me in with a sex-starved  Jillaroo.  Where are the women that are throwing themselves in suicidal manner?”

“Well, they have to wait until their men go off on road trains or cattle droves.  So, to answer my question?”

“You aren’t giving up?  Do I have to barricade my door?”    Donna’s face was stern and filled with concern.

Jo stopped.  “Good Lord, teasing aside,   I” never forced myself on a woman.  Look, I’ll give you a break from the pestering and get us soe horses.”

Donna gave Jo a playful punch.  “Thanks on two accounts, a break from the  pestering and a chance of a ride.”

She liked this woman.  Would it be so life shattering to sleep with her?

After a massive dinner of fish, meat, and heaps of vegetables, washed down by beers and completed by a variety of desserts, the men made for the verandah to socialize and a group began a horseshoe toss.

Donna rose impatiently.  All through the meal she found herself looking at Jo.

The woman had a sharp wit.  She told amusing stories that made the entire table laugh.  Seldom did she glance at Donna, but when she did, Donna felt a warm glow and a keen liking for her.

“Did you get the horses?” Donna asked

“Boss heard that the storm will still hit us, and he’s not willing to risk an injury, something about a big insurance payout!  I could get us some beers and we could go back to my place.”

No thanks, Jo.  I’ll read my book and get an early night.  I’ll see you tomorrow.  I need some quiet, undisturbed time.”

“You don’t have to spell it out, I get the picture.”  Jo turned her back and joined the a group of card players

“Where’s Donna?”  Murray asked filling Jo a large drink of rum.

“She on sabbatical.”


“It means that she’s pissed with me and wants to be alone.”

At that moment, Buzz, the Australian cattle dog put his head on Jo’s knee.

“At least someone wants me.”images

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