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The sculpture is by Timothy Schmalz, an artist specializing in religious themes.

“I was hungry and you gave me something to eat; I was naked and you clothed me.” (Jesus)

There is a statue of a homeless person lying on a bench with a blanket covering him.Upon closer inspection, the viewer can see holes in the hands and feet.  It represents Jesus the homeless figure of the New Testament.  Based on a scriptural quote, “The Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head,” this statue represents the love that Jesus had for the marginalized of society.  Jesus touched lepers that were kept outside Jewish towns and villages.  The Samaritans were considered ‘unclean’ by Jewish society; a shadow of a Samaritan passing over the shadow of a Jew, required the Jew to visit the Temple for purification.  Yet, Jesus made the Samaritan the hero of his parable, “The Good Samaritan,” and drank from the same cup as a Samaritan woman.  There are numerous stories of the compassion of Jesus: weeping for Lazarus, the deceased brother of Mary and Martha, curing the blind, the sick and the lame.

He asked us to feed the hungry, clothe the naked.   It seems obvious to me that this statue of the homeless Jesus clearly represents the humble Carpenter from Nazareth.

Here’s the kicker, two prominent Catholic Churches have rejected the statue.

One is the famous St. Patrick’s Cathedral, New York and the second, is St. Michael’s Cathedral in Toronto.  The statue is presently residing with the Jesuits of St. Regis College in Toronto.  The Jesuits do not come under the rule of the Diocese of Toronto.   It is worth noting that the current Pope is a Jesuit and has spent most of his life living humbly.  What kind of residence is occupied by the Cardinals of New York and Toronto?**


Cardinal Timothy Dalton, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, New York
rejected homeless Jesus statue

**St. Patrick’s Cathedral is the seat of the Archbishop of New York,  Timothy Cardinal Dolan.. It is the largest decorated gothic-style Catholic Cathedral in the United States


Cardinal Thomas Christopher Collins, Archbishop of St. Michael’s Cathedral, Toronto, rejects statue (A doubting Thomas?)

-and-    **Thomas Christopher Collins (born 16 January 1947) is a Canadian Cardinal of the Catholic Church. He is the 10th Archbishop of St. Michael’s Cathedral, Toronto.

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