Apr 142016

Jeremy_DurhamThere is another “family values” Republican lawmaker in Tennessee who is coming under fire from women who allegedly claim sexual harassment against him!  Hi same is Jeremy Durham.  Time and time again, these religious nutters try to gain votes by harassment of God’s creation.   It is just a matter of time when these dangerous hypocrites are revealed to have same-sex lovers or heterosexual affairs in their marriage!  In Durham’s case, many women are coming forward to charge him with sexual harassment!

This “well-informed” Republican is worried about transwomen being a threat in public washrooms (where toilet doors are closed) yet, there has been ZERO reports of any transperson sexually assaulting anyone in a public toilet.  Let’s face it, should a NON transgendered person falsely enter a public washroom to sexually assault a female or child, there would be many people outside to beat him severely or perhaps murder him (or her)!


Who is this Man or Excuse for a Human Being?

Jeremy Durham, the state lawmaker who is pushing to strip trans people of their bathroom rights, was exiled by House Speaker Beth Harwell from his offices and limited his access to other areas after Attorney General Herbert Slatery issued a warning saying the lawmaker’s behavior posed ‘a continual risk to unsuspecting women who are employed by or interact with the legislature’.

‘With few exceptions, the women who related incidents felt they could not report Representative Durham’s behavior because nothing could be done and they did not want to lose their jobs or be considered “untrustworthy” by employers, clients or legislators,’ the letter said.

‘[Women] avoid or refuse to be alone with Representative Durham, a situation which has affected their ability to perform their jobs’.

While Tennessee is yet to join North Carolina and Mississippi, the state is a Republican state.

But while it may have support in the House, it may be vetoed by Governor Bill Haslam.

‘The governor does have financial concerns over the loss of Title IX funding,’ Jennifer Donnals, the press secretary for Haslam, previously said, referring to the federal law that bans discrimination on the basis of sex in public schools.

‘Currently in Tennessee, this issue is being handled on a local basis, situation by situation,’ Donnals added. ‘The governor trusts our teachers and local school boards to make necessary accommodations in those situations.’

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