Feb 132013

Leaving the Candy Bar, Jazz and Paola stepped out into the bustling Soho night scene. They walked holding hands down the labyrinth of narrow streets.  This fashionable part of London, now shared its property with straight clubs, strip joints and gay bars. Once home to musical celebrities like Eric Clapton and the Sex Pistols, it is now celebrated for its red light and gay appeal.

They strolled towards Shaftsbury Avenue past young hedonists lined up for entry into thudding musical clubs or drag shows.  A crowd of leather and chain clad clubbers made a point of stopping traffic, only to quickly disappear down a darkened alleyway.

At the indoor garage, Paola stared at Jazz’s new Jag convertible.

“If ithis car was a ship, Alley-Cat, we could launch it with champagne.”

Jazz grinned.

“I’ve taken care of that!   We’ll open one in the back seat, tonight!”

Jazz tossed Paola the keys.

“You drive baby, while I’ll drive you crazy!”

Paola sat in the driver’s seat, while Jazz kept her promise.  She ran a finger up the outside of the model’s long silky mesh nylons.  The sensation made them both quiver.

“No more!” Paola chuckled, “I’ll smash the car.”

Jazz withdrew her hand quickly.

Paola emerged into the flowing traffic of Charing Cross Road and past Trafalgar Square.

“Maybe I go naked again in that fountain again?”


“That won’t be good for either of our reputations!” Then Jazz said, “Besides, now I’ve been chosen to be part of a book.”

“Oh, Jazz, how wonderful.”

“It is a magazine type book with photos of women’s achievements in many categories.”

Paolo asked.

“Is Fiona St. James included?   She’s at your television studios.  That women will do any thing to keep her show popular and on the air!”

“Yes, Fiona’s included.  All the selected woman met at a party and gave a short speech.”

“What did you say?”

“I said that being throw out of a sewing class and into a woodworking class, made me what I am today.”

“And Fiona, what did she say?”

“She said she likened herself to Queen Bodicca who rebelled against restrictive tyrants.”


“Who are the tyrants?”

“Her bosses, the media, television directors or anyone that gets in her way.”

Paola laughed. “She chose a queen that had spikes on her chariot wheels.”

Jazz nodded,”Bodicca’s statute is just opposite the houses of Parliament.”


Queen Boudicca with her daughters whom the conquering Romans raped. She died around 61AD. The statue was commissioned by Prince Albert for his wife, Queen Victoria.  Boudicca, an old Celtic name, translates today as Victoria.

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