Feb 252013


Monday morning broke with sun splitting the trees.  September had started as a warm month and now, twelve days into it, London was enjoying blue and sunny skies. Jazz woke to the phone ringing.  It was her business partner probably relaying somethings that needed to be done. Ning liked to give a ‘heads up’ as she called it.

Jazz looked at her watch, fifteen minutes before the alarm would ring.

“Morning, Jazz, I’ll skip asking how your weekend was.  I am sure it was the usual debauchery.”

Jazz chuckled.

Ning continued, “Let me tell you since the  arrival of Qi, our sex lives are non-existent.”

“Let me babysit, then.” Jazz felt a soft spot for her ex-lover, who was living with an airline pilot. Together they had adopted Qi, from an orphanage in China.

“We’ll take you up on that as soon as Mya knows her flight route.”

“I love my god-daughter.”

“And she loves you,.  Now to business, I just called to remind you of the school boards meeting. I want to show you some colour schemes before this morning’s meeting.

“I”ll come directly to your office, Ning.”

In the shower, Jazz thought of the big contract meeting to be held that morning.  Five years earlier, Jazz and Ning’s paths had crossed at a night school.  Jazz had been teaching woodworking and Ning held interior decorating classes.  Over drinks, Ning shared her lesbian closeted life while living in a conservative Chinese family. Jazz revealed some of her women exploits, but not too many, in case Ning would be turned off.  Jazz suggested they share an apartment as her cost of living was high and she wanted to start a business. Ning also wanted to start a business and get away from her family’s watchful eye.  Woodworking and interior design seemed to be a good combination.

images-5Theyimages-6 bought a dilapidated home, gutted it and made furnished flats or mini-apartments.  Ning bought second hand furniture and recovered it with magnificent covers and cushions.  They repeated the process several times stashing their profits and improving and expanding ideas.

One weekend, they became lovers despite Ning being well aware of Jazz’s track record.  Six months later Ning asked Jazz if she ever would consider adopting a child.  Ning noticed the wild and frightened look that momentarily passed over Jazz’s eyes.  A week later, Jazz ended the lover part of their living together.  To Jazz’s surprise Ning seemed not only relieved but started to talk about a Chinese lesbian she met in the supermarket.  Now, Ning would pursue this woman and moved out within three months.  Jazz now decided to move from the suburbs into the heart of the city.


There were bars and nightclubs and regular women and lesbians visiting London from every corner of the globe. This was where Jazz needed to be, at the pulse of the action.