Feb 202013

Paola bodyJazz and Paola locked lips.  They increased and slowed the intensity of the kissing.  The ensuing pleasure doubled.  Paola kissed and undid Jazz’s shirt buttons, she wanted the taste of breasts in her mouth.  Still kissing, Jazz reached around and unzipped the back of Paola’s dress.  Paola helped to remove it, while taking off Jazz’s shirt.  Bra removed, Paola brought her mouth to Jazz’s erect brown nipples.  Jazz sucked in her breath and groaned, her head thrown back in sheer ecstasy.   Paola withdrew, placed her back against the car window, and drew up her legs.  She opened them slightly.   Jazz let her eyes travel up the fishnet black stockings and to the suspender belt.  Paola was sex-on-a-stick! She knew how to tease, tantalize and torment!

“Watch me as Iundress for my pirate captain.”

Slowly, Paulo undid the right suspender and bending down, let her breasts claim gravity.  She rolled down the black stocking, over her knee and stopped.

“I humbly request that my conquering private take over!”

Jazz obliged.


“Now,” said Paola, “Undo the other!”

The task completed, Jazz started a slow kissing return up towards the suspender belt.

Having unhitched the belt, Jazz slowly removed the tantalizing see-thru g- string.  Paola closed her legs around Jazz’s head, as her lover explored the dark cave of sensual delight.  Jazz used tongue and delicate fingers to stir and advanced a flame that was now a blazing inferno.  Paola climbed and climbed in ecstacy and finally erupted into a trembling woman.  Jazz continued to excite her with her tongue, until Paola could stand no more moves.   Regaining, a sense of a return to earth, Paola moved forward and placed her body on top of Jazz.

Jazz was nicely percolating while Paola lay on top of her.  Now, groaning softly, Paola raised her elbow and gazed lovingly into her lover’s eyes.

“You won the trophy! Tell your sailors that you are the best!” Paola continued,

“Now your hostage wants to thank you personally.”

Paola tossed her hair over her head and ran it over Jazz’s breasts.  She started kissing and licking behind Jazz’s ears and sliding herself down towards the tight stomach of a very fit and trim carpenter.  Paola slipped her hand behind Jazz’s buttocks, grabbing them and squeezing them. Parting Jazz’s legs, Paola sucked the rich fruit that was so enticing.  She returned to Jazz’s lips mingling the juices and sliding fingers inside Jazz’s vagina.  Moving and rocking their bodies together, Paola reached deeper until she centred on the g-spot.

Jazz could not control the response of her body.  She wriggled, moaning unintelligible words, until recovering, she grabbed Paolo’s neck and brought their lips together. This time, their lips were soft and seemed to fit together.

A knock on a side window made the couple reach for clothes.


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