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James Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family

Dobson joined Medved in warning about the homosexual “subtext” in children’s film Happy Feet. During the December 11, 2006, edition of Dobson’s radio show, guest Michael Medved claimed that the children’s film Happy Feet, an animated film about penguins living in Antarctica, contains a “subtext, as there so often is, about homosexuality.” Dobson then questioned whether the filmmakers are “getting at the idea that homosexuality is genetic.”

 Dobson: has other “bright” thoughts:

Dobson embraced a sermon by John McArthur, which announced that “You know a society has been abandoned by God when it celebrates lesbian sex,” and that as a result of America’s abandonment, “God would be just” in destroying a U.S. city.

Dobson predicts that same-sex marriage would lead to “group marriage,” incest, bestiality. On the October 7, 2005, edition of his radio show, Dobson predicted that allowing same-sex marriage in the United States would lead to “group marriage,” “marriage between daddies and little girls,” or “marriage between a man and his donkey.” Dobson called this vision of the future “more or less a prophecy,” though, he stressed, not a “divine prophecy, but a prediction.

Other Nutters: Barton and Gallagher

David Barton of the Texas-based group Wallbuilders said the Bible condemns not only homosexuality but also capital-gains taxes, progressive income taxes, estate taxes and minimum-wage laws.

Margaret Gallagher

Gallagher: Polygamy is “better” than same-sex marriage, “winning the gay-marriage debate” comparable to the fall of Communism, losing that debate “means losing American civilization.” In a July 14, 2003, National Review column, Gallagher claimed that “[p]olygamy is not worse than gay marriage, it is better,” because “[a]t least polygamy, for all its ugly defects, is an attempt to secure stable mother-father families for children.” Gallagher went on to argue that there has not been a “culture that has survived without a reasonably functional marriage system” and that losing the debate over gay marriage “means losing American civilization.” She also likened the battle over gay marriage to the battle against communism, stating that “[w]inning the gay-marriage debate may be hard, but to those of us who witnessed the fall of Communism, despair is inexcusable and irresponsible.”

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